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"If it ain't broken, don't fix it." Here's a list for you to find out if you need to repair your steering rack!
“If it ain’t damaged, don’t repair it.”
Right here’s some suggestions and methods so that you can discover out if it is advisable to restore your steering rack!

I don’t learn about you, however in life, I at all times strive my greatest to steer (pun meant) away from issues. However hey, typically our steering rack simply love doing the precise reverse. As a lot as we don’t prefer it, steering rack downside are surely, one of many extra vital failure as a result of it’s chargeable for altering our automotive’s course.

A worn steering rack could cause you to lose partial or full management over your automotive steering wheel, which may result in deadly accident.

That goes with out saying that steering rack is a significant automotive upkeep process and is pricey. It’s positively not one thing that you simply need to “buka first la, then see the way it goes”. So the million greenback query is, how can we inform if we’d like a steering rack restore with out eradicating it from our automotive?

The excellent news is, it’s not that tough if you realize what to search for. In truth, listed below are the high 7 commonest steering rack issues that you may establish your self:-

  • Steering fluid leak
  • Unresponsive steering
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Clunking noise when turning
  • Tight steering wheel
  • Steering wheel not returning
  • Demise Wobble

However earlier than we dive into the small print, we’ll want some fundamental data on the topic itself. On this article, you’ll find out about:

What’s a steering rack?

Steering rack is a set of rack and pinion gear enclosed in a steel casing. They’re form of a giant deal as a result of we will’t change automotive course with out them.

A high definition picture of a electric power steering rack used in car steering system. You can also see the electric motor attached to it.
Electrical energy steering rack

Think about this.

Once we need to make a U-turn, we rotate our steering wheel clockwise in a round movement. The steering rack’s job is to transform this rotational movement right into a lateral motion by means of the rack and pinion gear. As a result of the steering rack is linked to the automotive wheels, when it strikes left or proper, so will the automotive wheels. Right here’s a terrific video that sums all of it up superbly.

MSPhysics giving us a 360 levels glimpse on the internal workings of a steering rack.

As you’ll be able to see, our steering wheel connects to a set of shafts and u-joints down your flooring relaxation, the place it would lastly meet the steering rack. If you wish to know extra about the way it works, I strongly suggest testing How Automotive Steering Works.

All through the years, we now have seen large enhancements on steering rack designs for higher consolation. Usually talking, we now have developed from utilizing non-power help steering rack, to hydraulic energy help steering rack and at last to electrical energy help steering rack.

Non-Energy Help Hydraulic Energy Help Electrical Energy Help
Driver’s Effort YES YES YES
Gear Discount YES YES YES
Further Help
(Pump / Motor)
Programmability NO NO YES

Essentially, all these steering rack works the identical. However, there’s a twist! Hydraulic energy steering racks and electrical energy steering racks comes with extra parts to present us that additional turning energy. One makes use of hydraulic steering fluid whereas the opposite makes use of sensors and electrical motor to present you that additional increase of energy to steer your automotive.

Now why am I telling you all these? Why is that vital?

Effectively, as a result of the subject with the steering rack WILL be totally different relying on the kind of steering rack. Totally different components will result in totally different form of failure, and that implies that the way in which you diagnose will probably be totally different. For instance, you will get a fluid leak subject in a hydraulic energy steering rack, however not on an electrical energy steering rack. It’s crucial that we first discover out what sort of steering rack our automotive is utilizing earlier than we transfer ahead.

Lastly, it’s vital to grasp that assertion, as a result of diagnosing a automotive may be very tough enterprise. Typically it’s possible you’ll encounter a really uncommon fault that you’ll ONLY discover in a sure automotive mannequin. Typically a defective steering rack can exhibit signs which might be extraordinarily just like symptom of one other defective half. Over time, you be taught to tell apart the tiny variations that separates one fault from the opposite. It boils all the way down to expertise, actually. So when doubtful, seek the advice of your native mechanic store.

With out additional ado, let’s go proper into the highest indicators of a steering rack downside.

What are the highest 7 steering rack issues?

Steering rack do not need a definitive lifespan. It relies upon largely on the steering rack design, automotive mannequin, driving conduct, and highway situation. To place in perspective, we now have seen steering racks which have failed inside a 12 months, but in addition steering racks which might be in good working situation even after ten years. However typically, most drivers should exchange them a couple of times all through their possession of the automotive.

If you’re questioning whether or not you want a steering rack restore, we now have compiled the high 7 steering rack issues only for you. Once you discover any of the signs beneath, it’s a good suggestion to get it checked or changed.

  • Steering fluid leak
  • Unresponsive steering
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Clunking noise when turning
  • Tight steering wheel
  • Steering wheel not returning
  • Demise wobble

Downside #1: Steering Fluid Leaks

Fluid leak is one of steering rack most common and easily detected symptoms.
Fluid leak is one in every of steering rack commonest and simply detected signs.


Picture courtesy of Nhohavan


Let’s begin with the best steering rack issues to establish – a steering fluid leak.

This steering rack downside is barely unique to hydraulic energy steering racks as a result of non-power assisted steering rack and electrical energy steering racks don’t use any energy steering fluid.

So, how have you learnt when you have a steering fluid leak?

Effectively, if you happen to discover some oil stain in your automotive park, you realize one thing’s up! However maintain your horses, the very first thing that it’s important to do, is to guarantee that it’s certainly steering fluid. There are many automotive fluid (engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and so forth and so forth) in your automotive and perhaps it’s not your steering fluid that’s leaking. Though sure, you continue to have a leak someplace and it is advisable to get that fastened.

Anyway, the best approach to know for positive, is to take a peek at your steering fluid reservoir. Is it inside the optimum fluid stage as specified by the automotive producer? If it’s not inside the “MIN” and “MAX” stage indicator on the reservoir, ask your self this… “When was the final time I high it up?” Steering fluid is not one thing that it’s important to high up each different months. If it’s operating low, you can begin to suspect that you’ve got a steering fluid leak.

As a rule of thumb, if you happen to always need to high up your steering fluid each month or extra frequent than that, you realize have a leak someplace.

Now, large emphasis on the phrase “someplace”. As a result of a steering fluid leak doesn’t robotically imply that you simply want a brand new steering rack. The leak may be coming from many components. The commonest steering fluid leaks will come from…

  • Steering rack
  • Steering pump
  • Rubber hose and tubings

To test for a leak, all you want is only a pair of fine eyes and know the place to look. If you’ll find the supply, you realize what must be fastened.

  • Let the automotive cool for not less than an hour. It’s essential to keep away from burning your self.
  • Test the ground and see if you happen to can spot any fluid drips.
  • Open up the hood and see if you happen to can spot any moist parts.
  • Attempt to examine the components near the moist parts to see if it’s leaking from the half itself, or dripping from above.
  • In any other case, jack your automotive up. Place a rock on the rear wheel to stop it from rolling. Keep in mind, security first.
  • Carry a torchlight and crawl below the automotive.
  • Once more, attempt to discover any moist parts.
  • It’s also possible to put on a glove and press onto the rubber hoses and see if they’re laborious and flaky. Rubber lose their elasticity over time and that might trigger leaks. If they’re, get it modified.

Downside #2: Unresponsive Steering

Are you able to discover the distinction with and with out steering play?

When you find yourself driving on the highway, attempt to really feel in case your automotive is responding to your steering wheel. In case you flip the steering wheel (barely), however your automotive nonetheless cruises straight forward with out altering course, you’ve gotten what we name – an unresponsive steering.

In Malaysia, we name it “free play”.

In case you suspect you’ve gotten this steering rack downside, strive the next steps to diagnose your steering rack.

  • Park your automotive in a secure place.
  • After that, guarantee that your automotive wheels are straight. Do that by returning your steering wheel to the unique 12 o’clock place.
  • Swap on the ignition engine.
  • Be sure your handbrake is activated.
  • Then, you’ll be able to rock your steering wheel forwards and backwards between 10 and a pair of o’clock place.
  • Attempt to really feel whether or not your steering wheel. Does it really feel too gentle at sure spot?
  • Additionally, along with your automotive stationary, I discover it useful to be your automotive wheels whereas rocking your steering wheel too. See if the automotive wheels transfer if you flip your steering wheel.

Some folks discover it simpler to diagnose when your automotive is transferring. However once more, keep in mind to prioritise security.

  • First, get to a secure highway to try it out. Ideally, the highway is straight, vast and has loads of house.
  • After that, guarantee that your automotive wheels are straight. Do that by returning your steering wheel to the unique 12 o’clock place.
  • Provoke into “D” gear and drive slowly.
  • You’ll be able to then rock your steering wheel forwards and backwards between 9 to three o’clock place.
  • Attempt to really feel whether or not your steering wheel adjustments your automotive trajectory.

In case you have an unresponsive steering, the steering wheel will really feel very gentle. It’s as if the steering wheel is disconnected from the automotive. Additionally, your automotive won’t (or barely) change course.

That is annoying and harmful to drive since you can’t make correct adjustments to the automotive trajectory as you need. An unresponsive steering is normally a results of put on and tear on the steering rack. It is going to require some particular instruments and technical know-how to restore. Converse to a steering rack restore specialist close to you when you have this downside.

Downside #3: Steering Wheel Vibration

The video reveals steering wheel shaking at 65 mph, which is believed to be a hub centric ring subject, not steering rack. However, it’s helpful to present you an concept of how steering wheel vibration appears to be like like.

In case you really feel that your steering wheel is shaking, it might doubtlessly be a worn steering rack downside.

The vibration is very noticeable if you find yourself driving on uneven roads, like on a building highway. You don’t have to hurry for the vibration to present itself, simply common driving velocity would do.

A fast tip.

It is best to really feel a lot of the shake coming from the steering wheel itself. Keep in mind to pay very shut consideration when diagnosing this as a result of the highway can be uneven, and it might probably trigger the automotive to shake as nicely. Folks will usually confuse it between the 2.

So what indicators do you have to search for?

What we at all times attempt to look out for, is the severity of the shake. Some vibration are simply minor steering wheel shake that you may barely really feel, some are so robust that you simply nearly need to seize the steering wheel tightly in order that it doesn’t transfer. Additionally, we attempt to hear for any accompanying noise.

Downside #4: Clunking Noise when Turning

A clunking noise shouldn’t be a life threatening subject, but it surely’s at all times a good suggestion to get it resolved.

A clunking or knocking sound is one other signal of a steering rack downside.

The clunking noise will sound like somebody knocking in your door however from beneath your automotive – “kok!”. I suppose it sounds somewhat creepy once I put it that manner, however I hope you get the thought! Once you flip your steering wheel, attempt to hear for this knocking or clunking noise. It usually may be heard near the place your foot relaxation.

This isn’t to be confused by a speedy clicking noise brought on by drive shaft if you flip your automotive. The clunking noise ought to knock as soon as after which have pauses earlier than one other knock! On some circumstances, you’ll be able to hear it once more if you return the steering wheel to the unique place. In case you do, you can begin to suspect that you’ve got a worn steering rack.

Nonetheless, it’s value level out that diagnosing primarily based on noise alone could be a very tough enterprise. It is because there are such a lot of totally different sort of noise and the place they might come from, which point out a nasty strut, mounting, and and so forth. It additionally will depend on your automotive mannequin and the kinds of steering rack it makes use of.

In case you additionally discover any of the signs above, it helps to make a very good guess whether or not your steering rack is defective. This clunking noise is an effective indication of a worn steering rack. However, we do suggest that you simply search skilled opinion earlier than concluding the prognosis.

Downside #5: Tight Steering Wheel

A good steering wheel can are available in many kind. This one demonstrates a good steering wheel, particularly in a single course.

Energy steering rack is supposed to make steering simpler and comfy. It ought to really feel easy if you steer your automotive despite the fact that automobiles weighs over 1000 kilograms! If it’s important to wrestle to show the steering wheel, it is extremely seemingly that you’re in a really tight(pun meant) scenario – like a steering rack downside.

A good steering wheel failure mode may be discovered on each hydraulic and electrical energy steering system. It’s value level out that steering rack might not be the wrongdoer right here. It is also brought on by steering pumps, motor, electronics failure, and and so forth.

Right here’s an fascinating truth.

There are totally different sort of tightness. Which implies it’s possible you’ll really feel totally different severity of tightness, and at totally different circumstances. Simply to call a number of, the video above describes tightness solely in a single course; Some tightness may be felt on and off; Some tightness feels loads heavier than others.

Totally different sort of steering wheel tightness might point out failures on totally different element. The sucker punch is that typically the variations are small and it’s tough to convey a sense into phrases. However, that’s precisely why we now have steering rack specialist that will help you on this. Though it’s best to nonetheless attempt to establish the tightness and convey it to your native mechanic as a result of it’s at all times useful to listen to the automotive proprietor’s enter. You’re the most aware of the automotive after-all!

Anyway, right here’s how one can take a look at for the stiffness.

  • First, swap in your automotive engine.
  • Let the engine idle for a minute to heat up.
  • Then, transfer the steering wheel from lock to lock place for 10 occasions to heat up the ability steering system.
  • Really feel the steering effort. Take a psychological notice of it.
  • Preserve your handbrake on and your gear in “P”.
  • Elevate the engine RPM to 3000 ~ 4000 rpm.
  • Transfer the steering wheel from lock to lock.
  • Really feel the steering effort once more. Take one other psychological notice of it.

Effectively, the excellent news is {that a} tight steering won’t stall the wheel fully. You’ll be able to nonetheless drive your automotive though it would require much more effort. Nonetheless, it might probably grow to be harmful relying on how extreme it’s and the way robust you might be.

However both manner, it’s best to get it fastened as quickly as attainable. I do suggest that you simply don’t go on lengthy distance drive till you get it fastened due to one thing we name “steer fatigue”. Think about lifting and holding a cup of water, it’s so simple! However strive holding it up for greater than an hour, it will get very heavy despite the fact that it’s the very same weight as earlier than.

Fatigue accumulate exponentially over time.

Driving lengthy distance may be very tiring. Including steer fatigue into the equation is only a dangerous enterprise. So once more, get it modified earlier than making that journey all the way down to Penang!

Downside #6: Steering Wheel Not Returning

Steering wheel not returning may be tiring (to not point out harmful!) if you happen to always have to drag it again manually.

Upon turning our steering wheel, it ought to return again to the unique 12 o’clock place.

Once more, it might probably fluctuate in severity. For instance, some steering wheel don’t return in any respect; Some will return, however solely again to 9 or 3 o’clock place; Some returns, however very jaggedly and it doesn’t really feel clean.

You will notice this extra in hydraulic energy steering system. This steering rack downside could possibly be brought on by a clogged up energy steering system, or perhaps even a automotive mis-alignment subject. Based mostly on previous experiences, you may be shocked to be taught that management arm is also inflicting this subject (though not often).

If you wish to reproduce the symptom, you’ll be able to strive the next steps:

  • First, get to a spacious highway to try it out.
  • Begin your engine.
  • Provoke into “D” gear and drive slowly, don’t speed up.
  • Just remember to have loads of house to maneuver your automotive.
  • Flip your steering wheel.
  • Let go, however be able to seize it once more (do not forget that your steering wheel doesn’t return).
  • As you let go, discover how your steering wheel returns (if any).
  • Seize maintain of your steering wheel and alter your automotive trajectory.
  • Repeat till you might be sure.

Downside #7: Demise Wobble

Don’t try and drive in case your automotive have this subject.

Oh boy… It’s both your steering wheel is possessed, or you’ve gotten a critical steering rack downside. Doesn’t matter possessed or not, I believe it’s sensible that we DO NOT drive below this situation and name your automotive mechanic instantly (not an exorcist).

This subject is extra generally present in electrical energy steering system and would normally require a substitute as an alternative of a restore. Needlessly to say, it’s going to price fairly a bit.

How lengthy does a steering rack restore takes?

I might suggest that you simply allocate a day (or two) for steering rack substitute. Dismantling and putting in steering rack may be very labor intensive. Some automotive mannequin do take extra time than the opposite as a result of each automotive configuration is ready up otherwise. This all will depend on the automotive model, mannequin and 12 months.

Moreover, it’s important to contemplate in case your mechanics can be found and whether or not they can supply the steering rack components. 

Altering a steering rack can both be laborious or loopy laborious.

In case you like to be within the know-how, you’ll be able to at all times take a look at the Toyota 4 Runner Steering Rack Alternative video above by EricTheCarGuy. That helps to present you a good suggestion of what must be performed. Once more, this video shouldn’t be absolute and shouldn’t be used as a handbook.

Getting a steering rack restore and changed is certainly fairly a process to overcome. As a lot of a D-I-Y individual I’m, I don’t suggest doing it your self as a result of A LOT might go incorrect if you happen to don’t know what you’re doing.

What to test after the restore?

There are some things that you simply completely can’t miss out on after you alter your steering rack. In any other case, your automotive received’t run correctly!

To start with, keep in mind to test your steering fluid stage and ensure they’re between the producer advisable stage. It is because steering fluid leaks out throughout steering rack substitute. With out the fluid, the steering rack can’t operate correctly.

Along with that, just remember to get a automotive alignment after altering your steering rack. In any other case, your automotive won’t drive straight. Think about needing to show your steering wheel to three o’clock place as a way to have your automotive transfer straight. Completely bonkers and positively unsafe!

Additionally, I like to recommend staying away from DIY handbook alignment at house except you realize what you might be doing. Automotive alignment are comparatively low cost anyway compared to the advantages that it might probably deliver! You will get it at a modest value of +-RM 50.

Steering rack repair and installation is labor intensive and can take some time.
“Your automotive is prepared.” Steering rack is without doubt one of the dearer, but in addition extra rewarding automotive restore expertise. You’ll be able to really feel HUGE variations earlier than and after the restore.

The Backside Line

Steering rack permits your automotive to steer and adjustments course. A foul steering rack will compromise your steering management. This endangers the security of your self and others on the highway. On some circumstances, it might probably result in a deadly accident.

If you’re nonetheless undecided when you have a steering rack downside, be at liberty to talk to D S Auto to get a dependable diagnostic in your automotive steering system. Established in 1991, we’re a restore specialist which have greater than 20 years of expertise coping with nearly all automotive fashions in Malaysia!

Anyway, sufficient about us. We’d love to listen to from you. Have you ever had your steering rack changed earlier than? What was the difficulty and the way did you discover out that you’ve got a steering rack downside? Go away a remark down beneath and we’ll get again to you.

Till then, drive secure and drive sensible!


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