2023 Ford MEB-based electric crossover spy shots

A prototype for an electric compact crossover that Ford is scheduled to launch in early 2023 has been sighted for the first time.

This is the model that Ford is developing on Volkswagen Group’s modular MEB platform, designed for mainstream electric vehicles and made possible by a deal between the two automakers in 2019. The MEB platform can be found in several vehicles, including the Volkswagen ID.4 compact crossover, which the Ford will likely be closely aligned with.

The prototype is fully camouflaged, but we can still glean details about the basic shape and proportions from it. The design is similar to what we’ve seen in some earlier spy footage of a clay model and looks a lot more boxy than the ID.4, which should help differentiate the two vehicles.

Some teaser shots shown last month also hint at what’s to come.

Ford electric crossover based on VW Group's MEB platform

Ford electric crossover based on VW Group’s MEB platform

As with the ID.4, we can expect the Ford to offer a choice of rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It’s not clear how big the battery will be, but the ID.4’s largest unit is an 82-kilowatt-hour unit that delivers up to 275 miles of range.

Don’t look for the crossover to be sold in the US. Ford has only announced plans to sell it in Europe, where it will be built. Production takes place at the Ford plant in Cologne, Germany. The European headquarters of Ford is also located on the site.

2023 Ford MEB-based electric crossover spy footage - Copyright: Baldauf

2023 Ford MEB-based electric crossover spy footage – Copyright: Baldauf

Ford will eventually launch a second crossover based on the MEB platform in Europe. It has been described as a sports crossover and will likely end up as a more coupe-like version of the first crossover, much like VW offers its ID.4 and ID.5 siblings.

The electric crossovers are part of Ford’s plans to launch nine electric vehicles in Europe by the end of 2024, on its way to becoming an all-electric brand in the old continent by 2030.