Ford CEO Jim Farley’s Shelby 427 Cobra is up for sale

A 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra once owned by current Ford CEO Jim Farley is for sale on online auction site Autohunter.

The car, which bears chassis number CSX3195, began life as a regular roadworthy 427 Cobra but was later converted to S/C (semi-competition) specification. It was originally billed to Johnny Bolton Ford of Maitland, Florida for a total price of $6,383.

According to the listing, Farley bought the car in 2012 and then had it restored, after which it was painted its current combination of blue and white stripes. According to the current owner-seller, who acquired the car in 2015, the color combination was the same as Farley had on an FIA 289 Cobra that he had previously owned and sold to Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose.

Kirk Bell, senior editor of the Motor Authority, drove Farley in this 427 Cobra at a Ford event in 2014 and can attest that despite its collectible value, Farley never petted it. Farley has been racing vintage cars for more than a decade and also regularly tracks a 1966 Ford GT40. He has described vintage racing as his form of yoga.

Power in his former 427 Cobra comes from Ford’s FE V-8. The engine was once machined by Roush Industries and even has Roush founder Jack Roush’s signature on its air cleaner cover. The engine is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission and turns the rear wheels. According to the seller, the engine delivers between 525 and 550 hp at the wheels.

At the time of writing, the car has a bid of $536,000 and the auction has 10 days left.