Nissan electric sports car concept headline at sustainable mobility event

Nissan will host an event throughout the month of February at its headquarters in Yokohama, Japan to showcase its future efforts, particularly in the field of sustainable mobility.

The event, called Nissan Futures, will also feature a concept car that Nissan 2021 debuted in virtual form.

The concept is the Max-Out, a roadster that was shown in 2021 alongside the Surf-Out pickup, Hang-Out SUV and chill-out coupe-style crossover concepts to explore potential designs for the brand’s upcoming EV portfolio to introduce. Nissan plans to have 15 Nissan and Infiniti electric vehicles by 2030, with the first expected in 2025.

Nissan Surf Out, Max Out and Hang Out Concepts

Nissan Surf Out, Max Out and Hang Out Concepts

Nissan hasn’t mentioned production plans for any of the four concepts listed above, although the automaker’s chief design officer, Alfonso Albaisa, told Motor Authority in a 2022 interview that his design team was investigating an electric pickup. An executive representing Nissan dealers has since revealed that Nissan is studying an electric truck for the US

The sleek, low-slung Max-Out probably has the least chance of making it into production of the four concepts. Nissan has launched several electric sports car concepts over the years, some promised for production but never realised.

The Nissan Futures event will take place from February 4th to March 1st. Max-Out at the event will also feature Nissan’s developments in electrification, vehicle intelligence, energy management, vehicle battery reuse, V2V and V2X communications and more.