Retrofit upgrade can cut Porsche Taycan charging times in half at home

Porsche has released a new onboard charger for the Taycan that can potentially cut charging time in half at home.

The charger is a 19.2 kW AC unit that can be swapped out for the Taycan’s existing on-board charger, located between the cabin and the front trunk.

A compatible 19.2kW capable Level 2 AC charger is required at home. Porsche also offers its own device called the Wall Charger Connect.

According to Porsche, charging the Taycan’s 79.2-kilowatt-hour performance battery from 0 to 100 percent with the new charger takes around 4.8 hours instead of the current 9.5 hours. And for the 93.4kWh Performance Battery Plus you’re looking at 5.3 hours versus the current 10.5 hours.

The new onboard charger can be installed at a Porsche service center. It fits all Taycan variants regardless of model year and costs $1,850.15. The estimated working time is 12 hours. New customers can also order it using the Porsche configurator.

The Wall Charger Connect retails for $1,586. Although it must be hardwired directly into a 100 amp circuit for best performance, it has been designed to work on lower capacity circuits as well, although this can result in slower charge times.