The name Ram 1500 REV has been trademarked

Ram will use next week’s Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas to unveil its 1500 Revolution BEV, a concept truck that previews a possible design for an electric 1500 due in 2024.

Ram refers to the electric 1500 as the 1500 BEV, but the company has recently taken steps to protect the 1500 REV name.

As first noted by Car Buzz, on December 23, Ram filed trademark protection for 1500 REV with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, under the Division of Land Vehicles, namely Passenger Cars.

A trademark application should not be taken as an indication that the trademarked term is actually being used. Automakers often trademark a term to protect intellectual property, whether they want to use it or not.

However, there is a possibility that REV will be the term Ram for extended range electric vehicles, while BEV will remain for battery electric vehicles. Ram CEO Mike Koval, Jr. told the Motor Authority at the April 2022 New York Auto Show that an extended-range Ram truck was planned. He said it will arrive alongside the electric 1500, although he didn’t say if it will be part of the 1500 family or another line of Ram trucks.

However, he said that a range-extended RAM would have “everything a BEV can do, but more” in terms of capability and, more importantly, range. It’s possible that Ram will market the electric 1500 to lifestyle buyers and the extended-range truck to buyers who want to tow or haul heavy loads — situations that can severely drain an electric vehicle’s battery.