Ultium-based Buick Electra E5 debuts in China

Buick revived its Electra nameplate for an electric crossover intended for sale in China.

The new Buick Electra E5, unveiled Monday, is the latest vehicle to use General Motors’ Ultium platform and battery technology, although powertrain details are being withheld until closer to its 2023 launch.

The Electra E5 measures 192.6 inches in length and has a 116.3-inch wheelbase, which is roughly the same size as the US-bound 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV, which is 190.4 inches long and has the same 116 wheelbase .3 inches. The most powerful version is said to have around 240 hp and a top speed of 180 km/h.

The exterior design was influenced by Buick’s new Pure design theme, which the automaker introduced earlier this year with the Electra-X and Wildcat EV concept cars. And at the rear, the center taillight features three vertical elements that mimic Buick’s revised Tri-Shield logo.

Buick hasn’t shown the interior, but we’re told there’s ample room for five. The automaker has also confirmed support for GM’s Super Cruise driver-assistance feature, which has been available in China for a number of years.

Buick said the Electra E5 is the first member in a new portfolio of electric vehicles to be sold in China, with some members also likely to end up in the US. More of these future EVs are likely to sport the Electra badge as well, as Buick has branding for “Electra E1” through “Electra E9.” The Electra name was a staple in Buick’s lineup for decades. It first appeared for the 1959 model year and lasted through 1990.

For the US, Buick has confirmed it will have two Ultium-based electric vehicles in dealerships by the end of 2023, both SUVs. One will have conventional proportions while the other will have a more coupe-like profile. The US EVs, which may be called the Electra and Electra GS respectively, are expected to feature a design more akin to the Wildcat EV concept.