We have to talk about these BMW M2 Performance Parts

The BMW Performance accessories catalog has become more and more colorful over the years. While the design of BMW accessories was considered reserved and sophisticated up until the early 2010s, it is increasingly oriented towards the auto zone rather than the autobahn. Unfortunately, the new BMW M Performance parts for the 2023 M2 continue this new tradition of head-scratching taste.

We have to talk about these BMW M2 Performance Parts

The center exhaust, carbon-fiber stick-on trim, and those whimsical graphics elevate an understated modern M car to late ’90s Pontiac levels. Granted, the Titanium muffler offers some performance advantages in terms of weight and sound. In fact, the soundtrack can be customized via the powertrain settings in the M Setup menu. And the M Performance suspension is a coilover kit with height-adjustable spring plates on the front and rear axles, which enables a lowering of up to 10 millimeters. And those 20-inch forged wheels probably reduce unsprung mass and look great.

At BimmerFile we obviously love BMW and it pains us to call the brand that – especially M. But taste matters for a brand. If you don’t have it, customers start not trusting your judgment and eventually lose trust. And nobody wants to see that – especially not from the M brand.

But enough of our opinions, let’s hear yours. And let’s let BMW explain itself with the official release.

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Official Release: Sharpened appearance, increased performance: BMW M Performance Parts for the new BMW M2.

In addition to the sharpened look, the customization options specially developed for the new BMW M2 also optimize the impressive driving characteristics of the high-performance sports car. The striking add-on parts for the front, rear and sides of the compact two-door are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which is sealed with a transparent coating to make the typical fiber structure of the material visible. Exterior components such as the M Performance Carbon front attachment, the M Performance Carbon side skirt attachments, the M Performance Carbon rear diffuser or the M Performance Carbon rear spoiler underline the puristic racing genes of the new BMW M2 and have a positive effect on its aerodynamic properties.

1670645796 301 We have to talk about these BMW M2 Performance Parts

Drivers with sporting ambitions will also appreciate the wide range of BMW M Performance Parts in the areas of drive, chassis and cockpit. The M Performance titanium silencer system, for example, not only saves eight kilograms in weight compared to the standard component, but also accentuates the sound of the 338 kW/460 hp in-line six-cylinder engine even more intensively. In the interior, the M Performance carbon/Alcantara interior trim, the M Performance Alcantara armrest and many other high-quality options ensure real sports car flair, while the M Performance Alcantara knee pads offer a secure hold even with a sporty, ambitious driving style. In this way, you can fully enjoy the agility and cornering dynamics of the M Performance suspension on a closed track – or simply enjoy racing-loving driving fun in everyday life.

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