Amogy and Amon Maritime associate to advance ammonia energy options for delivery


Amogy Inc., a developer of energy-dense ammonia energy options (earlier put up), and Amon Maritime, an ammonia-powered delivery and know-how firm, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to advance carbon-free, ammonia energy options for the worldwide delivery business.

Amon Maritime is solely centered on commercializing ammonia as gas in a number of delivery segments. In 2020 it launched Viridis Bulk Carriers, along with Navigare Logistics and Mosvolds Rederi, which can provide zero carbon delivery within the brief sea bulk section in Europe.

In co-operation with ECONNECT Power, it launched final 12 months Azane Gasoline Options, which can provide secure, cost-effective, scalable ammonia bunkering terminals, thus delivering important infrastructure for the adoption of ammonia as gas.

Amogy has developed a proprietary ammonia-to-power know-how platform. The know-how has been demonstrated efficiently in an aerial drone and farming tractor, and the Amogy workforce is already engaged on scaling the platform to be used in bigger autos, together with ships.


Amogy’s system consists of ammonia storage, a reformer/reactor and a gas cell.

Amogy’s platform will likely be evaluated to be used throughout present and future Amon Maritime initiatives, which span a lot of the ammonia-powered delivery worth chain. Collectively, the businesses will work to establish methods to make scalable, decarbonized energy options accessible to the delivery business by way of pilot and full-scale business tasks.

Globally, delivery accounts for about 3% of greenhouse gasoline emissions, and the Worldwide Maritime Group estimates that ships launch roughly one billion metric tons of CO2 into the ambiance yearly. Decarbonizing this hard-to-abate business stays a problem because of the dimension and operational necessities related to world delivery. Ammonia has emerged as a viable different gas for delivery, traded on a world scale and supported by current transportation and storage infrastructure.


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