Charged EVs | Researchers develop methodology for stabilizing interfaces in solid-state batteries


Researchers at MIT and the DOE’s Brookhaven Nationwide Laboratory have developed a way for stabilizing the interfaces between the electrolyte and cathodes in solid-state batteries through the sintering course of.

Based mostly on analysis reported in Superior Power Supplies, the staff discovered that when temperatures are above a number of hundred levels Celsius, carbon dioxide and reactions unfold that improve resistance on the interfaces between the electrolyte and cathode. The staff additionally discovered that performing sintering in a pure oxygen ambiance devoid of carbon dioxide might create sturdy bonding at as much as 700 levels Celsius. The researchers say their methodology matches the bonding efficiency of the best-coated surfaces.

“We’re discovering that you could keep away from that extra fabrication step, which is usually costly,” stated researcher and MIT Professor Bilge Yildiz. Additionally, the staff’s calculations recommend that the price of integrating their methodology into current battery manufacturing traces could be negligible.

The staff is now learning how the bonds carry out over many battery cycles.

Supply: MIT Information


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