Charged EVs | TE Connectivity’s new connector saves area in EV battery administration techniques


TE Connectivity has launched a brand new connector designed for use for connections inside automotive headlamp items, steering wheel items and car cameras, in addition to for the fat-flexible and flexible-printed cables in EV battery administration techniques.

The corporate says the PicoMQS reduces crimp size by 55% and packaging area by 78% in comparison with current 0.5 mm connector techniques. It calls the PicoMQS “the smallest automotive certified crimped terminal, connector and header system available on the market.”

The PicoMQS has a 1.27 mm pitch, a clearance and creepage distance of 0.46 mm, a receptacle contact for 0.5 x 0.4 mm tabs and compatibility with wires of 0.13 to 0.22 mm2 in cross-section.

Supply: TE Connectivity  


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