New excessive efficiency Janus electrode for rechargeable Na-S batteries


Researchers in China have designed a high-performance Janus electrode—i.e., containing each cathode and anode properties in the identical physique—for sodium-sulfur (Na-S) batteries by adopting a metal-organic framework (MOF) to include single Yttrium atoms in a nitrogen-doped rhombododecahedron carbon host (Y SAs/NC).


The electrode options:

… favorable Janus properties of sodiophilicity and sulfiphilicity and thus presents extremely desired electrochemical efficiency when used as a bunch of the sodium anode and the sulfur cathode of a Na–S full cell.

Impressively, the Na–S full cell is able to delivering a excessive capability of 822 mAh g–1 and exhibits superdurable cyclability (97.5% capability retention over 1000 cycles at a excessive present density of 5 A g–1).

The proof-of-concept three-dimensional (3D) printed batteries and the Na–S pouch cell validate the potential sensible purposes of such Na–S batteries, shedding gentle on the event of promising Na–S full cells for future software in vitality storage or energy batteries.

—Zhang et al.

A paper on their work is revealed within the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


  • Erhuan Zhang, Xiang Hu, Lingzhe Meng, Min Qiu, Junxiang Chen, Yangjie Liu, Guiyu Liu, Zechao Zhuang, Xiaobo Zheng, Lirong Zheng, Yu Wang, Wei Tang, Zhouguang Lu, Jiatao Zhang, Zhenhai Wen, Dingsheng Wang, and Yadong Li (2022) “Single-Atom Yttrium Engineering Janus Electrode for Rechargeable Na–S Batteries” Journal of the American Chemical Society doi: 10.1021/jacs.2c07655


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