Researchers design new deep eutectic solvent to recuperate beneficial parts from spent LNCM batteries


A staff from Central South College in China has developed a brand new kind of deep eutectic solvent (DES) that may effectively leach steel parts from spent Ni-Co-Mn lithium-ion batteries (LNCM). The leaching charges of Ni, Co, Mn, and Li can all attain 99% below the situations of T=140°C, t=10 min and no reductant. Deep eutectic solvents are a brand new class of inexperienced electrolyte supplies with properties analogous to that of ionic liquids (ILs).

An open-access paper on the work is printed within the RSC journal Inexperienced Chemistry.

DESs, first proposed by Abbott in 2003, are a category of low eutectic mixtures comprising a mixture of a hydrogen-bond acceptor (HBA) and a hydrogen-bond donor (HBD) via intermolecular hydrogen bonding, which have a melting level decrease than that of both constituent. DESs, as inexperienced extraction media of steel oxides, have been first used to leach LIBs in 2019.

…Thus far, most analysis on DES has centered solely on the recycling of LCO batteries, which limits the broad utility of DESs within the subject of LIB recycling. In actuality, the manufacturing of nickel–cobalt–manganese (NCM) lithium-ion (LNCM) batteries is way bigger than that of LCO batteries. Thus, a brand new DES that may leach and recuperate beneficial metals from LNCM is pressing to develop.

Within the current paper, a novel hydrometallurgical course of counting on the purposes of a betaine hydrochloride (BCl)-EG DES (hereafter denoted as B-DES) is proposed to leach Ni, Co, Mn, Li from LNCM. BCl is an environment friendly, prime quality, and economical dietary additive that’s extensively used within the subject of livestock, poultry, and aquaculture. With environment-friendly and degradable traits, B-DES is a inexperienced leaching agent.

—Luo et al.


Move chart of recycling spent LIB cathode materials. Luo et al.


  • Yi Luo, Chengzhe Yin, Leming Ou and Chenyang Zhang (2022) “Extremely environment friendly dissolution of the cathode supplies of spent Ni-Co-Mn lithium batteries through the use of deep eutectic solvents” Inexperienced Chem. doi: 10.1039/D2GC01431A


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