Fisker Ronin electric 4 seater convertible teased

Fisker Inc., the second EV startup by renowned automotive designer Henrik Fisker, began production of its first model, the compact crossover Ocean 2023, in November.

However, the company has other products in the pipeline, one of which will be a high-performance convertible that Fisker claims will be in its own segment.

The convertible is called the Ronin and will be a four-seat, four-door grand tourer. The concept is similar to the G4 convertible shown in 2016 by Japanese EV startup Green Lord Motors, which has not yet entered production.

Teaser sketches published on Fisker’s website suggest a design inspired by the lines of the Ocean crossover as well as Fisker’s EMotion sedan concept from a few years ago.

Henrik Fisker and the Fisker Ocean

Henrik Fisker and the Fisker Ocean

Fisker has previously indicated a range of over 550 miles and a price of under $200,000 for the Ronin.

The convertible is one of at least two limited production models being worked on at UK-based Fisker Magic Works’ special projects division, established in 2021. The other is said to be a high-end SUV.

Fisker previously said that a concept for the Ronin will be introduced in August 2023. Production is slated to begin the following year, although delays are a possibility in the current environment.

Prior to the Ronin’s arrival, Fisker will release a mass-market vehicle called the Pear. It will be a compact model combining crossover and hatchback cues, and Fisker plans to build it in the US. Production will be outsourced to contract manufacturer Foxconn, which acquired a former GM plant in Ohio from EV startup Lordstown earlier this year. Foxconn already builds endurance pickups for Lordstown in the factory.

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