Ford is reportedly considering an F1 return with Red Bull Racing

Ford could step in as a potential partner for Red Bull Racing after negotiations between the leading Formula One team and Porsche were abruptly ended in September.

Citing anonymous sources, Motorsport reported on Wednesday that Ford is considering a collaboration with Red Bull to introduce itself to F1 as the sport continues to gain interest in the US, where three races will be held next year.

According to the sources, Ford’s involvement would be more of a hands-off approach, unlike what Porsche had been aiming for and which is said to have ultimately led to the negotiations collapsing in September.

Any connection between Ford and Red Bull would likely begin in 2026 when new engine rules are introduced.

Ford was previously in F1. The Blue Oval was a major supporter of engine builder Cosworth, whose engines were branded as Fords for several seasons. However, Ford became more active in the sport from 1999 when it bought the Stewart Grand Prix team and later renamed it Jaguar in 2000. Ford, which then owned Jaguar, funded the team from 2000 to 2004. Ford eventually sold the team to Red Bull in late 2004.

Red Bull is currently without aggregate suppliers. The team builds its own power units based on former supplier Honda’s design and has committed to designing and building a new power unit that will comply with 2026 rules. However, the team has not ruled out hiring a partner.

The new power unit rules call for lower costs and the use of 100% sustainable fuels, which convinced Audi to enter into an F1 partnership with Sauber from 2026. Similarly, Porsche sought a partnership with Red Bull. After talks with Red Bull broke down, Porsche said it had not given up on its desire to enter Formula One and would continue to monitor the situation.

Motorsport reported that even Honda, which ended its partnership with Red Bull in 2020, could potentially return, possibly once again partnering with Red Bull or Red Bull feeder team AlphaTauri.

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