Ford patents roof-mounted airbags


Ford has filed a patent software for roof-mounted airbags that might deploy from a car’s headliner and encompass occupants for added crash safety.

The applying was filed with the USA Patent and Trademark Workplace (USPTO) on April 7, 2021, and revealed Oct. 13, 2022. It reveals ring-like housings mounted above every of the seats, from which airbags would deploy.

Ford roof-mounted airbag patent image

Ford roof-mounted airbag patent picture

“Airbag” does not fairly describe what Ford is proposing, although. As an alternative of typical airbags, the patent software’s drawings present ovoid parts that might encircle car occupants, every lined with cylinders that might inflate and supply an impact-absorbing impact much like typical airbags.

Ford stated this know-how was designed to work in passenger and industrial automobiles of various physique types, together with sedans, coupes, pickup vans, SUVs, and minivans. However it is going to probably be simpler to bundle roof-mounted airbags in an Expedition than a Mustang.

Ford roof-mounted airbag patent image

Ford roof-mounted airbag patent picture

The Blue Oval additionally stated these airbags had been designed with autonomous automobiles in thoughts. A number of the drawings even present two rows of seats going through one another—a structure that appears to trace at a self-driving automotive. It is price noting that, shortly after this patent software was revealed, Ford and the Volkswagen Group pulled funding from autonomous-driving tech startup Argo AI, forcing it to close down.

Ford’s curiosity in self-driving automobiles could be wavering, however the automaker is continuous to experiment with new security tech for typical automobiles. Ford additionally not too long ago filed a patent software for an exterior airbag system that might deploy from behind a car’s grille throughout collisions. However a patent software does not routinely translate to manufacturing plans, so it is unclear if we’ll see both of those novel airbag methods on automobiles offered to clients.


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