Ford unveils wild GT Mk IV racer with over 800 hp

Ford isn’t done with its GT yet.

Although production of the standard supercar will officially end this year, Ford will offer a definitive track-only version next year, dubbed the GT Mk IV.

The new Ford GT Mk IV, unveiled on Friday, honors the original Ford GT40 Mk IV race car that won the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans. As an additional nod to the race car and the Le Mans win, Ford will limit production of the GT Mk IV to 67 units.

“The original GT[40] The Mk IV held nothing back to deliver maximum track performance and the new Ford GT Mk IV delivers it in the same way,” said Mark Rushbrook, head of Ford Performance Motorsports, in a statement.

2023 Ford GT IV

2023 Ford GT IV

That’s no exaggeration, as the GT Mk IV benefits from significant performance upgrades compared to the already impressive GT. These include a new carbon fiber body with a long-tail design for more downforce, a stretched wheelbase for improved handling, and a new engine and racing gearbox for extra speed.

The engine is still a biturbo unit, but with a displacement that has been increased compared to the 3.5 liters of the GT. Ford skimps on most of the details, but said target power is over 800hp, which is a nice increase over the GT’s 660hp, as well as the 700hp of the previous 2019 GT Mk II racer.

The GT Mk IV is also a celebration of Ford’s partnership with Multimatic, the Canadian engineering and motorsport company that builds the GT for Ford and helped develop the supercar, including the new GT Mk IV, which also features the adjustable dampers from Multimatic with Adaptive Spool Valve. The large “Multimatic” lettering on the rear wing should not be missing.

The price of the car is $1.7 million, and like the GT, there will be an application process for choosing buyers. Ford hasn’t said if it will be accepting video applications from potential buyers this time. The selection process will be completed by the first quarter of 2023 and deliveries will begin in late spring, the automaker confirmed.

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