Hoonigan Releases Ken Block Tribute, Business Update

The automotive, motorsport, marketing and apparel communities are all mourning the loss of rally and Gymkhana icon Ken Block.

Block’s family, which includes the crew at his Hoonigan company, must pick up the pieces after Block dies in a snowmobile accident on January 3rd.

On Wednesday, Hoonigan co-founder Brian Scotto and the rest of the Hoonigan crew posted a tribute video that included a brief business update on the outfit’s YouTube channel.

After holding a celebration of life last week, the crew returns to Hoonigan headquarters in Long Beach, California.

Scotto notes that a lot of footage was shot in 2022, much of it including Block himself, and was never released. The team plans to release this content, the first of which could appear as early as next week.

A foundation called 43 Institutes was established by Block’s family. More details about the foundation will be released, and the thin website will be updated and designed, Scotto said. For now, the site includes a mission statement about creating opportunities for the exceptionally motivated and those who may lack the right support system for growth and success. Donations will be accepted, more details to follow.

At the 4:30 mark in the video, Scotto invites viewers to watch six minutes of “Ken enjoying life and really living life to the fullest.”

The video ends with Block saying, “I try to inspire people to be creative and have fun lives. And don’t be an asshole.”