McLaren manager announces update of the 720S for supercar successors

McLaren’s 720S went out of production in late 2022 with no successor in sight.

With the new Artura offering similar performance and looks to the 720S, some might think the plug-in hybrid newcomer is actually the 720S successor, but they’d be wrong.

In an interview with Automotive News (subscription required) published Monday, Nicolas Brown, McLaren’s Americas President, said that a successor to the 720S is planned and that it is already sold out through most of 2024. Dealers would have taken deposits from some potential 720S buyers after learning the older car was no longer available.

Brown also hinted in the interview that the 720S successor will be an update of the 720S, as opposed to a groundbreaking design like the Artura, which features a new V-6 engine and plug-in hybrid setup, as well as a new Carbon features -fiber tub.

McLaren 720S Spider

McLaren 720S Spider

“[Customers are] I assume it will be a refinement of 720,” he said. “They understand that this is not a completely new, next-generation, down-to-earth vehicle.”

The practice of an update is not new to McLaren. The 650S, the car that the 720S replaced, was a major update to the 12C, the debut model from supercar company McLaren Automotive. It’s a practice also common at main competitor Ferrari, whose cars typically have a 10-year life cycle, with an update and name change in the middle.

The 720S debuted at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show with a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 developing 710 hp. It later spawned a convertible option and a hardcore LT variant.

The 720S successor will likely stick with the V-8 but potentially add hybrid technology to it. McLaren announced in 2018 that all of its cars will be hybrids by 2025.