New Audi RS3 sedan wrecked in LA mudslide

Flooding continues to disrupt activity in Los Angeles, with random mudslides and sinkholes appearing in the past 48 hours. This new Audi RS3 sedan was destroyed when part of the road on which it was parked or driven was cut off from the adjacent earth. Additional vehicles were found in a hole in the ground, causing sections of Topanga Canyon Road, the Pacific Coast Highway and the Mulholland Highway to be closed.

While flood warnings were being issued across the state, this Audi RS3 wasn’t lucky enough to prevent a mishap. According to images shared by 412 Motorsport, the sports sedan was completely covered in mud after sliding into loose soil. Insurance will likely issue a salvage title but some parts such as wheels, brakes, headlights may still be useful to those interested. There is also an option for the body and tuning workshop to repair the car and bring it into top condition for track use.

The new 4th generation Audi RS3 retains the popular five-cylinder turbocharged engine, which now produces 400 hp and 500 Nm of torque. It’s available in both sedan and hatchback versions, although the US market only gets the sedan.