Tesla Cybertruck Beta spotted, Musk claims close-to-production design

The Tesla Cybertruck is nearing production, according to Elon Musk.

A Tesla Cybertruck was spotted on public roads on Wednesday. Instagram user ftronz posted a video and photo of the truck on Instagram.

Musk has confirmed that the production truck will be slightly smaller than the concept shown in 2019, and this early-built prototype seems to agree with that comment.

Aside from minor design changes to meet state regulations, such as B. Side mirrors, the truck spotted on public roads has a design that is almost identical to that of the concept vehicle.

The video was reposted on Twitter Users DriveTeslaca and Musk replied Note that there are still “many small tweaks to make it better” and confirm that the side mirrors are removable should an owner decide to do so – presumably for off-road use. The executive confirmed that the prototype is very close to the production design.

Notably, a third brake light, which is a federally required feature, appears to be absent from this prototype. It’s possible this prototype is simply missing the full-width light bar or has it disabled.

The Cybertruck was originally scheduled to go into production at the end of 2021. Delays have pushed production behind schedule. In 2022, Musk said the Cybertruck would begin production in 2023. In January, during a quarterly update call with investors, Musk said the Cybertruck would not be shipping in significant numbers this year, with production ramping up in 2024.

During the call with investors, Musk revealed that the Cybertruck will feature Tesla’s next-generation Hardware 4 set for safety and assisted driving features. It’s unclear whether the top-of-the-line Cybertruck will still have four engines and all-wheel steering.