The Ford F-150 Lightning gets its third price increase, up 38.9% since its April launch

The Ford F-150 Lightning saw its third price hike in three months, with the cheapest version of the electric pickup rising 7.6% to $57,869.

The latest Lightning price increases were first reported by Reuters, based on a perusal of Ford’s website, and then confirmed to the Motor Authority by Ford spokeswoman Elizabeth Kraft, who said prices for high-end models would remain stable.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

“We are adjusting pricing in the normal course of business due to increasing material costs, market factors and ongoing supply chain constraints,” Kraft said. “Demand for this groundbreaking vehicle is strong and growing.”

To keep up with demand, Ford is adding a third shift at Lightning’s Detroit assembly plant to boost production to 150,000 trucks annually, Kraft noted.

The new base price of $57,869 is for the fleet-oriented Lightning Pro model with the standard 98 kWh battery pack and includes a target fee of $1,895. The Lightning XLT standard range now starts at $65,369 with destination, up from $61,269 after the last price increase. For comparison, the same model cost $54,669 in 2022, although the difference also includes a $200 increase in target charge between model years.

The F-150 Lightning Pro model cost $41,669 when it went into production in April 2022. The latest price increase means that the price has increased by 38.9% since its inception.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

Prices for Lightning Pro and XLT models with the 131kWh extended range package and Lariat and Platinum trim levels remain unchanged, but Ford raised prices on some of these variants earlier in the model year. The extended-range XLT increased by $8,500 to $80,974, the Lariat increased to $85,974, and the Platinum’s base price increased to $96,874.

Ford previously announced a few updates for the Lightning’s second model year, including slightly more range for the Lightning Pro, which is expected to achieve an increase from 10 miles to 240 miles with the standard battery pack. Two new colors (Avalanche and Azure Gray Metallic) have also been added, along with an optional Pro Trailer Hitch Assist system. A police-ready Special Service Vehicle package was announced in July.

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