The McLaren 750S is due out this fall to replace the 720S

The McLaren 720S was phased out of production at the end of 2022, but a successor is coming.

McLaren’s Americas President Nicolas Brown recently hinted that the successor will be a major update of the 720S and is already booked for much of 2024.

Automotive News (subscription required) followed up with a report published Thursday, citing anonymous sources and noting that the new supercar will be called the 750S. In line with McLaren’s alphanumeric naming strategy, the 750S would then pack 750 hp, which is 740 regular hp, or 30 more than the 720S.

According to the sources, the car will stick with the 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 found in the 720S and there will be no electrification. McLaren said in 2018 that it plans for all of its cars to be hybrids by 2025, meaning the 750S will likely be the last McLaren to be powered purely by a gas engine.

There will also be new styling. A new front fascia, larger side intakes and a more prominent rear wing are said to make the cut, along with a digital instrument cluster similar to that found on the Artura plug-in hybrid. There will also reportedly be a lot more personalization options compared to the 720S, which will save customers going through the MSO department to add some extra flair to their cars.

The sources also said the reveal will take place in April ahead of the September sales launch and that both coupe and cabriolet body styles will be available at launch. The starting price is said to be 10% higher than the 720S, which starts at $310,500 including destination.