41 Cadillac Doorways


Final submit; put the rear fenders on with Buick tail lights, that I spent method to a lot time doing. Now its time to get the doorways in form and again onto the automobile.
Sandblasted the door hinges , painted them, and rehung the doorways, then seemed on the 41 window regulators, wind wings, door latches and {hardware} to seek out them in as rusty situation as the remainder of the automobile. The image under exhibits the one piece facet glass I made a decision to go together with eradicating the wind wings.

41 Cadillac Doors

 The 07 doorways have been full with glass, electrical home windows, audio system and door handles and I made a decision to include as a lot of the 07 components as I may and began with measuring {the electrical} operated  regulators on the passenger facet back and front doorways.

1648848383 281 41 Cadillac Doors

 The electrical window operators are bigger than the 41 doorways with the wind wings in them so why not make one piece glass facet home windows and remove the wind wings. The entrance door inside panel was rusted out in a number of locations with the arm relaxation space fully gone.

1648848384 154 41 Cadillac Doors

 The rear was not as dangerous with the underside of the door rusted by. With extra measuring and making cardboard templates of the 41 doorways; then holding them in opposition to the 07 doorways, I discovered that I may minimize the 07 inside panels out and match them into the 41.

1648848384 226 41 Cadillac Doors

 The fitting rear inside panel was minimize out, wire brushed and scraped then handled with “Krud Kutter Rustex” and a cardboard template fabricated from the cutout space.

1648848384 973 41 Cadillac Doors

 Subsequent the underside of the rusted out space was patched with new steel.

1648848384 318 41 Cadillac Doors

 The cardboard template was placed on the within of the 07 door and the panel minimize out.

1648848384 407 41 Cadillac Doors

 A cardboard mock-up of  one piece glass; was made with the underside formed the identical because the 07 glass (that matches into the regulator), then the steel behind the window space the place the wind wing was eliminated to permit the one piece glass to go down.

1648848385 665 41 Cadillac Doors

 The 07 panel was match into place leaving the re-inforced space on the 41 door hinges in place.

1648848385 596 41 Cadillac Doors

 To guarantee that the glass would go up and down I made up a Plexiglass window and hooked up it to the operator bracket and gave it a attempt. I discovered that it will go down about midway because the minimize out for the rear wheel into the door was in the way in which and determined that was adequate as I do not often roll the home windows down in my vehicles.

1648848385 85 41 Cadillac Doors

 The entrance door was dealt with the identical manner because the rear with the rusty inside handled with Rustex.

1648848385 460 41 Cadillac Doors

 The 07 entrance door panel was cutout fully intact together with the entrance nook of the window the place the 07 rear view mirror was, pondering I may use the mirror however it was two massive and didn’t match the look of the 41.

1648848385 474 41 Cadillac Doors

 The 07 panel welded in place with the electrical operator and wiring in place and the one piece glass mock up in place. I should discover some aftermarket rear view mirrors that match the automobile and can go on the place the wind wing was.

1648848386 406 41 Cadillac Doors

 Right here the 07 inside door panel is put in place with a small quantity of it minimize off on the edge. A brand new backside panel will likely be made then carpeted to match the inside.

1648848386 171 41 Cadillac Doors

 The underside of the entrance door was patched the place it was rusted out. Now I am ready for the POR 15 filler putty to reach to take dare of the rust pinholes the place the rubber door seals have been.

1648848386 499 41 Cadillac Doors

 I’ll do the drivers facet doorways subsequent then sort out the door latches and handles.

1648848386 405 41 Cadillac Doors

 We now have free vary horses that graze on our property and one of many 4 had a foal only a day or two outdated that got here up the driveway to point out her new child off.

1648848387 854 41 Cadillac Doors


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