The final put up I tackled the doorways of the 41 and inaugurated the 07 door interiors into them. The 07 door latches had been to large to suit into the thinner 41 door as they interfered with the home windows, the 07 outdoors door handles are too large and look misplaced on the 41. I’ll search for a semi flush door deal with that may work on the automobile.
Shifting on I made a decision to attempt to end the again of the automobile; aside from the physique, with the fuel tank and rear finish out of the second components automobile a 2005 Cadillac STS.


The 05 has a salvage title because it was rear ended whereas parked on the street and the proprietor determined to promote the automobile himself and put it on Craig’s Listing the place I discovered it and made a suggestion of $2500.00 that was accepted. Went to Sedona AZ, take a look at drove the automobile and introduced it house. The price of the components to repair the 07 burned up rear finish meeting and a fuel tank was $3000.00 + not to mention the burned up wiring and electronics out or the rear of the 07. This automobile has 108,000 the place the 07 has 198,00 miles on it a lot of good components plus the upholstery.

1648844475 834 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 The 41 was moved off the hoist and 05 went on then the unbiased rear finish and suspension was unbolted (10 bolts) and the drive shaft eliminated , that has good U-joints.

1648844475 421 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 05 rear finish meeting able to go within the 41

1648844475 174 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

1648844475 945 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 Above & under photos is the fuel tank and filter meeting within the 05.

1648844475 540 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 05 fuel tank mounting brackets which were reduce out and the outlet panel welded into 41.

1648844476 611 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

Once I put the 07 ground pans within the 41 I mistakenly reduce off the fuel tank mounting brackets so the 2 panels from the 05 had been welded in after which the previous leaf spring mounting eyes needed to be eliminated and the X body needed to be reduce then strengthened.

1648844476 290 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 The brand new fuel tank was a good match however inventory mounting brackets and straps match identical to it was within the 05.

1648844477 364 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 The tank is full with the in tank pumps, filters, gasoline traces, fittings and wiring all of which can plug into the traces and wiring harness from the 05.

1648844477 275 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 With the fuel tank achieved the rear finish meeting was bolted into place and the 2 entrance help plates had been fitted to the underside of the body, holes drilled and taped, them bolted in place. The shock’s match proper again into the ground pan beneath the again seat.


 The drive shaft was bolted as much as the rear finish then the middle provider bearing bracket modified and bolted into the unique holes of the 07 ground pan. After taking a number of measurements whereas the engine was nonetheless within the 41 the drive line was 2″ brief.

1648844477 480 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 The entrance fender’s had been eliminated then the engine so I may remake the motor mounts to maneuver the engine 2″ nearer to the hearth wall.

1648844477 565 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 The 41 Cadillac has a 126″ wheel base and 07 & 05 have a 116″ wheel base so the 07 entrance suspension meeting and subframe was moved ahead 10″ to suit centered within the 41 entrance wheel openings. then the engine was moved again 8″ to get clearance on the entrance of the engine.

1648844477 205 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

 The 2 prolonged engine mounts had been eliminated and extra items welded to them and new mounting holes which can be 2″ additional again making a complete of 10″ nearer to the hearth wall that may enable the inventory drive shaft for use.The one downside is the oil filter hit the motor mount and a distant oil filter have to be used.

1648844477 298 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END

With the 05 nonetheless on the hoist I’ll proceed to take it aside. The entrance physique components have been eliminated and the engine is now being disconnected and might be eliminated together with the transmission, entrance suspension & sub-frame.

1648844478 698 41 CADILLAC GAS TANK REAR END


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