41 Cadillac Progress


The household purchased me the 41 Cadillac rocker panels ( inside & outer) for Christmas which can be the final items I wanted to get the physique able to put it again on the body and begin incorporating the 07 ground pans.

The physique able to go on body.

41 Cadillac Progress

 That is the within of the rear of the left rocker earlier than putting in the substitute .

1648864202 956 41 Cadillac Progress

 Inside entrance of left rocker after substitute is put in.

1648864202 128 41 Cadillac Progress

 The outer left rocker was broken on the underside half so  I made a decision to make my lower under the door jams to ensure the doorways would match.  Image #1 & 6 reveals the left rocker full.

1648864202 539 41 Cadillac Progress

 The suitable rocker had extra injury than the left that required a part of the door sill get replaced.

1648864202 495 41 Cadillac Progress

1648864203 622 41 Cadillac Progress

 The subsequent 5 photos present the quantity of injury that the precise rocker had; the rocker panels on this automotive, help the physique and all 6 physique mounts are welded to the rockers.

1648864203 763 41 Cadillac Progress

1648864203 677 41 Cadillac Progress

1648864203 377 41 Cadillac Progress

1648864204 99 41 Cadillac Progress

1648864204 211 41 Cadillac Progress

 The substitute rockers have been straight and the physique is curved, that required cuts each 3″ on the flanges, each inside and outer, to kind the curve wanted.

1648864205 881 41 Cadillac Progress

 A whole lot of welding however there was no different approach for me to cope with it as I’ve no forming instruments or rollers. The rotisserie is device each one that has to work on the underside of a automotive ought to have.

1648864205 147 41 Cadillac Progress

 That is one in every of two physique mounts I made and an authentic, that’s the mannequin, to interchange those the had rusted off.

1648864205 164 41 Cadillac Progress

 Proper rocker accomplished apart from the grinding of the welds.

1648864205 263 41 Cadillac Progress

 A superb image of how helpful the rotisserie is to get on the work. The physique dolly and all of the braces are nonetheless in place.

1648864205 235 41 Cadillac Progress

 Physique faraway from rotisserie and on dolly with rear ground pan going again in.

1648864205 336 41 Cadillac Progress

 Rear ground pan in place however no welded so rear finish meeting, that bolts to it, could possibly be fitted.

1648864206 132 41 Cadillac Progress

 Rear finish meeting bolted to ground pan that wanted to be adjusted by utilizing ratchet straps to drag it again into place.

1648864206 152 41 Cadillac Progress

 The entrance ground pan and fireplace wall had been beforehand match,  however nonetheless required extra reducing  to get it into alignment with the body physique mounts.

1648864206 81 41 Cadillac Progress

 Ground pans are about the identical stage because the door sills and can want just a bit adjustment to get them connected.

1648864206 872 41 Cadillac Progress

 Subsequent step is to make extension plates from ground pans to door sills and weld the in place.

1648864206 610 41 Cadillac Progress


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