When the rear finish meeting was bolted in place; the rear suspension’s arms within the up place, had been very near the body so I made the choice to “C” notch it. The remainder of the rear meeting elements match previous the body and into the physique, and the trunk flooring pans needed to be made .


 Earlier than I took the physique off the body the trunk needed to be fabricated and I began by welding 3/4 X 3/4 sq. tube to the physique helps at the back and front of the trunk.


 All of the rusted metallic was minimize away.

1648855955 303 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

1648855955 728 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Proper and left aspect with all of the sq. tube in place.

1648855955 120 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 A paper sample was product of 1/2 of the trunk flooring as that’s all that will match by means of the trunk opening as the brand new flooring pan is 4′ X 5′.

1648855955 105 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Then a 18 gauge metal flooring pan was minimize utilizing the paper sample with holes drilled in it for spot welding to the tube helps.

1648855956 122 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Completed flooring pan with the brand new trunk latch field (on the rear).

1648855956 563 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

1648855956 434 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Proper and left sides of the completed flooring pan.

1648855956 386 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 That is the trunk latch field earlier than. 

1648855957 193 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 That is the earlier than and after latch field meeting.


 As soon as the trunk was accomplished the body notch for suspension clearance could possibly be accomplished.

1648855957 749 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 These two photos are of the left aspect displaying the higher arm hitting the body.

1648855957 586 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 That is the correct aspect with marks on the body the place it must be notched. The marks on the wheel properly is the place it is going to be minimize to take away as a lot of the 41 rust as attainable.

1648855958 528 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Physique being faraway from body.

1648855958 302 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Body with marks the place it must be notched.

1648855958 986 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 A brace was constructed from Unistrut and bolted to the body in 4 carry the back and front in place when the body is minimize.

1648855958 165 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Then a cardboard sample was made with the three” notch.

1648855959 985 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 The primary piece of the body 1/8″ metallic was welded in place on the alternative aspect from the assist then the body minimize and eliminated.

1648855959 228 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Proper aspect with flooring stands beneath body for added assist.

1648855959 616 CADILLAC BODY FRAME
1648855959 838 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Two photos of the finished proper aspect now for the left.

1648855959 325 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Similar course of was used on the left aspect you’ll be able to see the eliminated piece of body that’s moved up and reused within the notch meeting.

1648855960 879 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Each aspect plates and the reused piece of body bolted and clamped in place to be welded. Filler plates can be made, back and front, to finish the meeting.

1648855960 804 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 One other angle of the to be welded meeting.


1648855961 711 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 Above and beneath is the finished body notch.

1648855961 157 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

The physique on the rotisserie. 

1648855961 432 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

1648855961 231 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 These two photos present the rear wheel wells with the surplus 41 rusty metallic minimize away and the welding completed together with the underside of the ground pans.

1648855961 772 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

1648855962 915 CADILLAC BODY FRAME

 With the physique on the rotisserie and the body beneath the hoist the subsequent step is to color all of the naked metallic with self etching primer then spray the beneath aspect of the physique and wheel wells with mattress liner materials.

1648855962 229 CADILLAC BODY FRAME


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