Final submit I began to put in the everlasting elements within the 41 Cadillac and have continued to get it operating earlier than I begin on the physique. I began to include an 2007 Cadillac STS into the 41 however because the mission progressed the 07 was to badly burned within the rear to have the ability to use all of the elements. I discovered a 2005 STS salvage automobile that had been rear ended with rear sheet metallic harm however all the remainder of the automobile was in operating order. Now I’ve put all of the 2005 elements into the 41. I believe that I’ll name it the 4105.


 The automobile is not going to run with out fuel so the very first thing was to put in a gasoline filler. I eliminated the gasoline door from the 04 and the filler tube & hose from the 05. The filler hose & tube match from the tank to simply above the 41 body the place it was lower and hooked up to an aftermarket filler hose that prolonged it into the trunk. I had a bit of 1 1/8 OD pipe that prolonged it to a 90 diploma bent hose and as much as the inventory filler / fuel cap becoming.

1648816947 487 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

The filler fuel cap meeting was bolted to the 07 filler door and welded in place.

1648816947 300 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

Right here you’ll be able to see the filler meeting accomplished. A brand new fuel cap has been ordered and ultimately a trunk panel can be made to cowl the facet of the trunk.

1648816947 706 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

The battery wouldn’t match within the engine compartment and needed to be moved to the trunk. A base plate, maintain down high bracket and a pair of maintain down rods have been fabricated then bolted to  the trunk ground with spacers to make it stage as attainable.

1648816947 94 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

The battery is mounted subsequent to the gasoline filler and can get coated with a detachable panel.

1648816947 298 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

The destructive cable was related to the body up entrance and on the battery with the optimistic cable run by the inside to the engine the place I made up a plate to attach it to the inventory cable harness just under the primary fuse field..

1648816948 397 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

The principle engine wiring harness needed to be reconfigured, because the fuse panel was on the entrance of the engine now it’s subsequent to the firewall, and was unwrapped, wires separated & rerouted then rewrapped.

1648816948 879 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

On the entrance of the engine the identical rerouting was accomplished together with the anti-lock brake unit wiring prolonged 12″ to the models new location.

1648816948 608 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

The radiator and condenser have been put in 12″ ahead from inventory then the hoses prolonged (utilizing inventory hoses) and the condenser traces re-bent to increase them to the brand new location. The inventory coolant serge tank was remounted to clear the 41 finders and the hoses prolonged. Inventory mass-air sensor reconnected with out the air field & filter that I’ll cope with later.

1648816948 108 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

The sprint, console, shifter, seats, gauges and controls put in together with the heated, energy up/down & telescoping steering wheel meeting.

1648816948 37 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

All the ability seats capabilities work and the inventory seat belts are used. You may see the drivers door inventory door panel in place, finish plates can be made for the ends of the sprint that needed to be lower down.

1648816949 200 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

The rear seat and belts match proper again into the automobile as planed.

1648816949 621 GET THE 1941 RUNNING

There are various issues left to do nevertheless at this level the automobile begins, runs and goes into gear. All of the fluids have been put in and it runs cool, steering and brakes work. Subsequent I’ll transfer it to the hoist and end all the pieces left to do beneath the automobile together with the exhaust system.

1648816949 998 GET THE 1941 RUNNING


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