Stained Glass Window Challenge


 I’ve bought the 41 Cadillac and the Hudson challenge vehicles & wanted a brand new challenge & selected a stained glass window for the Caboose.

  Stained Glass Window Project

I begin with an image or an concept on this case it was an image on a puzzle I’ve that’s simply half of the operating girl. The sketch or drawing on the left is near the dimensions and look that I needed with the remainder of her physique drawn in, the middle is the precise dimension of the window and the proper is the sample paper that might be glued to the glass. Carbon paper is used to switch the sketch to the drawing and sample paper.

 1648670282 530 Stained Glass Window Project

I made up a desk out of plywood and connected it to a roll-a-round cart then laid out the glass dimension on it, and connected the 1X11/2 body to it that’s the dimension of the glass & zinc (much less the oak body) then put the drawing in it.

 1648670282 125 Stained Glass Window Project

The sample paper was reduce to dimension and the 1/2″ U Zinc Cane reduce to dimension and laid in on the perimeter of the glass. 

1648670282 170 Stained Glass Window Project

The sample’s for the glass had been reduce out utilizing sample scissors that permit for the copper foil and solder joint.

1648670282 164 Stained Glass Window Project

The sample’s had been glued to the completely different colours of glass that has been pre chosen.

1648670283 314 Stained Glass Window Project

The glass is reduce as near the sample as doable utilizing a glass cutter, the one I exploit has the chopping fluid within the deal with.

1648670283 151 Stained Glass Window Project

For the harder cuts I’ve a small bandsaw with a Dimond glass chopping blade in it.

1648670284 984 Stained Glass Window Project

I exploit 2 diamond grinders 1 with a 1″ bit and 1 with a 1/4″ bit, each have water reserve under with a sponge wiper that retains the bit moist.

1648670284 7 Stained Glass Window Project

As soon as the glass is reduce, floor and match to one another and the sample the copper foil is connected to the perimeters utilizing a copper foil instrument.

1648670284 416 Stained Glass Window Project

All of the foiled glass is match onto the sample drawing and to the sting U Zinc Cane prepared for solder.

1648670284 560 Stained Glass Window Project

As soon as the soldering is finished on either side the glass and all of the joints are cleaned with a solder & flux cleansing answer then I used black patina on all of the joints. Beneath are among the merchandise & instruments which can be accessible together with the copper foil instrument.

1648670285 900 Stained Glass Window Project

 A big verity of glass is accessible, I purchased the glass for this challenge from Delphi Glass.  

1648670285 482 Stained Glass Window Project

The oak body from Delphi in addition to the foil instrument and different merchandise wanted for glass work.

1648670285 127 Stained Glass Window Project


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