Charged EVs | Researchers develop closed-loop technique for lithium restoration from batteries


A staff of researchers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the DOE’s Argonne Nationwide Laboratory have developed a closed-loop course of for recovering lithium from lithium-ion batteries.

In an article revealed in Inexperienced Chemistry, the researchers write: “We developed a sustainable lithium restoration course of, which might selectively leach and get well lithium with formic acid earlier than recycling priceless metals. With the reported technique, lithium will be 99.8% recovered from layered oxide cathode supplies with 99.994% purity.”

“As well as, this lithium restoration course of is reasonably priced, in comparison with the everyday hydrometallurgical course of. [It saves] 11.15% per kilogram of spent batteries,” in line with the researchers.

“All chemical compounds will be reused through a facile distillation course of, thereby permitting a completely closed-loop course of for environmentally pleasant lithium restoration,” in line with Inexperienced Automobile Congress.

Supply: Inexperienced Chemistry through Inexperienced Automobile Congress


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