Charged EVs | WAFIOS’s bending machine produces the advanced geometries of busbars


Wire and tube-working machine producer WAFIOS is providing a bending machine for producing the advanced geometries of profiled components and busbars. “The intention was to determine a extra financial and extra versatile manufacturing methodology for busbars in the marketplace,” says the corporate.

The BMF 60 is CNC-controlled, and is able to a straightening, bending and slicing course of in addition to an insulation stripping and slicing course of. “The newest patent-pending applied sciences have been integrated on this machine with the intention to bend advanced components with the tightest radii and distortions,” says the corporate.

The BMF 60 makes use of a CO2 laser system to strip insulation from the ends of components. “These areas of the part of which the insulation shall be stripped off will be chosen through the management software program WPS 3.2 EasyWay.”

WAFIOS says: “Simulation software program for flat materials has been developed for the BMF 60 with the intention to examine the feasibility and cycle time of manufacturing orders earlier than they’re began.”

Supply: WAFIOS


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