Activesphere is Audi’s vision of an active lifestyle electric vehicle

Audi has unveiled teaser photos for the fourth and final member of a family of concept vehicles developed to offer a glimpse of its vision for premium mobility in the near future.

The teasers show the Audi Activesphere concept, which is set to be unveiled on January 26th. It is a coupé-like crossover designed for an active lifestyle and will join the Grandsphere, Skysphere and Urbansphere in the concept family. The other concepts include a fastback sedan, sports car and minivan.

All concepts, including the forthcoming Activesphere, are electric vehicles based on Volkswagen Group’s PPE platform, which Audi will first use in a new Q6 E-Tron compact crossover due in 2023 or early next year. They also feature fully self-driving systems that give an occupant the option to drive or sit back and relax while driving.

Teaser for the Audi Activesphere concept debuting on January 26, 2023

Teaser for the Audi Activesphere concept debuting on January 26, 2023

Features specific to the Activesphere include off-road capability, possibly a rugged design and, according to Audi, some communication technologies that will create a unique experience beyond the vehicle.

The concepts were developed by Audi’s Artemis Skunkworks team, formed in 2020 to accelerate vehicle development and try to compete with more agile startups in the EV race. Responsibilities for Artemis have been scaled back significantly in 2021, but at least one of the vehicles he’s developing is expected to reach production by mid-decade. The vehicle is expected to be a production version of the Grandsphere, rumored to be a replacement for the A8, although given the current craze for crossovers the Activesphere may be the concept that got the green light.

Although the concepts are not destined for production, elements are likely to influence the design of future electric vehicles. Audi is set to introduce several electric vehicles in the coming years, as the automaker has committed to launching its last vehicle with an internal combustion engine as early as 2026.

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