Mercedes-Benz AMG GT buyers guide

I have to say that as a car enthusiast I don’t love the AMG GT series. I’m also not a huge fan of Mercedes in general, but I can’t deny the hackability of this car as well as the dynamic driving experience it offers for the dollar it offers.

Originally, the AMG GT series was created to replace the lost behemoth, the SLS AMG. Which of course made me sad as the SLS AMG coupe is perhaps one of the biggest longer term hacks money can buy right now.

However, the popularity of the GT model cannot be overlooked, especially since the up-and-coming F1 sport in America has been using the AMG GT as a safety car since 2018.

This car is a head turner because it has tremendous visual presence and even sounds exciting.

If you’ve been wondering which coupe might be best for you while keeping excitement value as a factor, then read on to see if the AMG GT and one of its many trim levels might be right for you .

experience behind the wheel

When asked about the design and powertrain of the AMG GT, Mercedes said: “With an unrivaled motorsport tradition behind it, the Mercedes-AMG racers have developed the GT into a pure sports car with an ideal sense of balance.

From its proportions to its sound, each element reveals its purpose and passion.”

You were right. This car is in a class of its own in the mega-Mercedes world and stands alone in terms of design, handling and driver intervention behind the wheel.

The AMG GT is equipped with a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine mounted in the front of the elongated vehicle, diverting over 456 horsepower to the rear. Making the drive a bit more compelling, taking the weight up front and power to the rear, this car can get away from you if you’re not careful. So keep that in mind when you reach the driveways.

Like most of its models, Mercedes designed the GT to be incredibly user-friendly on the inside. Of course, being a coupe, the two-seat beast still offers a degree of comfort in an otherwise very race-oriented car.

The interface, both in the center console and behind the wheel, is large, bright, and easy to maneuver and use without becoming painfully confused and frustrated just trying to connect your phone to Bluetooth.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT General problems

Mercedes is most known for electrical/wiring issues, no matter the model, whether it’s a sports car, sedan, SUV or even a Sprinter van, this is perhaps the most commonly reported problem with the brand .

Problems more specific to the GT include faulty seals, steering system problems and also electrical/wiring problems.

Now that the car has been on the market for half a decade with numerous variations and trim levels, there are quite a few recalls on GT models. As you look ahead to your next GT, be sure all recalls have been completed and any pending ones are scheduled immediately.

A full list of active recalls is HERE for you to review.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Operating Costs/Maintenance

Mercedes can be relatively inexpensive to repair as long as you don’t drive onto the franchise dealer’s property. Mercedes is now in favor of using beautiful buildings and caring customer service to disguise or distract its customers from the very hefty repair bills they can rack up just from a simple oil change.

Instead, take your time and research reputable independent third-party suppliers in your area, as these models have been around for quite some time, most well-trained technicians can offer the same quality of repair and service at a fraction of the cost.

Vehicle trim styles also play a role, as the Performance (R) model may require more expensive tire changes, a GTS with carbon-ceramic brakes may not cost you a dime on brakes, while the convertible GTC may require annual softness checks above to ensure its integrity.

It’s important to know your car inside out before you pull the trigger. So make sure you get a PPI done on your future GT prospects to ensure someone else’s problems don’t become your financial headaches.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Trim Differences

GT: (2015-2021) The GT is the entry-level variant of the Mercedes-AMG GT family. The engine in this variant is tuned to produce 390 kW (530 PS; 523 hp) and 670 N⋅m (494 lb⋅ft) of torque, with the main differences between this and its more expensive siblings being a mechanical limitation. Slip differential, an absorbing glass mat battery, the absence of the “Race Mode” setting in the AMG Dynamic Select adaptive powertrain system, the absence of the AMG Ride Control adaptive suspension system and a passive AMG sports exhaust system. Keyless go is also an optional feature, as opposed to standard. The GT features 19-inch wheels front and rear.

GT C: (2017-2021) The GT C is a performance-oriented variant of the Mercedes-AMG GT. The M178 engine in this variant is rated at 410 kW (557 PS; 550 hp) and 681 N⋅m (502 lb⋅ft) of torque. While the GT C retains the key mechanical differences that the GT S gains over the GT, it also has a wider body (2,007 mm (79 in)) and active rear-wheel steering, which the GT S doesn’t have (not even as an option) . In the US, the Lane Tracking and AMG Dynamic Plus option packages are standard on the GT C.

GT S: (2015-2020) The GT S is a higher-spec variant of the Mercedes-AMG GT. The M178 engine in this variant is rated at 384 kW (522 PS; 515 hp) and 671 N⋅m (495 lb⋅ft) of torque. Key mechanical differences the GT S gains over the GT include an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, “Race Mode” and “Race Start” mode settings in the AMG Dynamic Select adaptive drive system, AMG Ride Control adaptive suspension system, and AMG Performance Exhaust system with dynamic flaps and a lithium-ion battery. Keyless-Go is also part of the standard equipment, as is an offset set of wheels (19 inches at the front, 20 inches at the rear).

GT R: (2017-2021) The GT R is a high-performance variant of the Mercedes-AMG GT. The M178 engine in this variant is tuned to produce 430 kW (585 PS; 577 hp) at 6,250 rpm and 700 N⋅m (516 lb⋅ft) of torque at 5,500 rpm. The GT R accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.6 seconds and has a claimed top speed of 319 km/h (198 mph).

While the GT R retains the key mechanical differences that the GT C gains over the GT S, it also gets manually adjustable coil-over springs (in conjunction with the base models’ AMG Ride Control suspension), active underbody cladding, a manually adjustable rear wing and a 9-mode AMG traction control system. As befits a high-performance variant, the GT R loses keyless-go, the integrated garage door opener, heated and power-folding exterior mirrors, auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors, and returns to the base lightweight 4-speaker audio system that the GT is supplied, but these features can still be added as options.

When it was launched, the GT R had several cosmetic changes compared to the standard car, most notably vertical louvers in the front grille, an adjustable rear wing, new front air intakes, and new front and rear diffusers. The styling of the GT R is comparable to that of the AMG GT3 race car. However, the base GT variant received several of these cosmetic changes as part of a slight facelift in the 2017 model year.

It completed a round of Nurburgring Track in 7:10.92, which was the fifth fastest lap time for a street-legal production vehicle at the track at the time.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT options

Mercedes is one of those brands that offers many a la carte options when it comes to their cars. Everything is up for debate including upholstery design, colour, wood and carbon fiber interior finishes, wheel colors and designs, roadster top colors and of course exterior colors galore. To find out which options excite you, I recommend reading THIS brochure from Mercedes to see the entire showcase.

Preferably Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Buy

The problem with having so many variations of a single model is that it dictates which of those models is best to buy, so I may have to set you up with some options and years.

Mainly for the AMG GT-CS you want to examine cars in the 2016-2018 range in terms of hackability.

For the AMG GT R, you should go for the 2017-2019 models.

If you can get the AMG GT R PRO or AMG GT Black Series at achievable bucks, that’s your best bet too.

As far as options go, you always want to see cheap color combinations: white/black, white/red, black/red, black/tan, white/white, blue/black, red/black, green/black, with matte colors being an advantage are also for the exterior options. Of course, the sports bike design is also a plus, as is the upgraded Burmester audio.


If you’re looking for a hackable coupe that gives you a wide range of models and trims to suit drivers’ needs, whether touring or racing style, look no further than the AMG GT Series. With something for everyone, this model is sure to please, especially since some are available not only as a coupe but also as a cabriolet.

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Mercedes Benz AMG GT Buyers Guide

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