Mercedes GLS63 AMG buyers guide

Now that I’m a father, I have to admit I’ve gotten more and more involved with SUVs than ever before. Of course I love my Urus and the G63, that’s no surprise, but what might shock you is how much I really see the GLS63 as a viable SUV option.

It’s a seven seater so great for the whole family, lots of boot space so prime grocer, over 6,000 pounds so classifies it as a Section 179 hack, and it’s a Mercedes so maintenance isn’t as terrible as a Bentayga or would be an Urus.

And if you’re someone with small toddlers or newborns, this isn’t like the G63, it’s lower, meaning it’s so much easier to get the kids in and out of their car seats than with the stereotypical bus-sized SUV, that we often see.

This is an SUV that I’ve seen many members have over the years, never one that I’ve personally owned, so I borrowed one from Exotics Hunter for the weekend to get a feel for it. My thoughts as well as all the other fun stuff are below for you to read and hopefully this will help you decide if the GLS63 AMG is for you.

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experience behind the wheel

Being a seven-seater, you might think of it as a boat for cruising around, but it’s actually pretty easy to manoeuvre.

Plus, at the end of the day, it’s an AMG. So if you’re still asserting your dominance and need to take on another flag football dad after practice to show him who’s boss, you can do that.

Under the hood is a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 577 horsepower and 561 pounds of torque. Notice how I said V8, given Mercedes’ statements that they will no longer produce the V8s, that bodes well for the longevity of this car’s value.

That performance gives the 6,000+ pound GLS63 AMG the ability to do 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and complete a quarter mile in 12.8 seconds with a top speed of 174 mph. That’s crazy for a 7 seater SUV.

Another great thing about driving around in this SUV, you just don’t care that much. In a Bentayga, an Urus, a DBX you are so careful and aware of your surroundings because an accident or a dent, scratch or dent is a major ordeal to fix with these rare SUVs. But with the GLS63 I felt very comfortable and not nervous if I left the car in a public parking garage to have dinner with my family.

Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG General problems

One of the most notorious problems with the GLS is that oil leaks are common at higher mileage. And it’s not just any oil spills that can leave an annoying stain on your driveway or garage floor. No, these oil leaks have been found to be the direct cause of many GLS engine failures.

This is an issue that can actually be identified and resolved before you take ownership of your prospective GLS if you have the vehicle PPI performed. Make sure you specifically ask for the belly pan to be taken off and photos of the cars under the shields are taken to ensure there are no leaks for yourself and keep documentation regardless of the outcome.

There are actually a few other recalls affecting the GLS line as a whole that some GLS63 models may be affected, simply check with the previous owner and complete the VIN to ensure all applicable recalls have been carried out and if You should not inquire why not and how they can be taken care of before taking ownership.

For a full list of recalls click HERE

Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG Operating Costs/Maintenance

Mercedes SUVs aren’t that expensive to run, it’s rather fair that society talked so much crap about Mercedes for so many years when not many people who held that opinion had Mercedes.

Relatively speaking, if you can find an independent and third-party shop that is certified and knowledgeable about Mercedes, they can do the job at a fraction of the cost that a Mercedes dealer would charge you.

A good rule of thumb: never take the device to the dealer unless it is under warranty. Do your research, find a trustworthy shop, and save some money while also building a relationship with a shop that you can use again and again for this hack and the others that are sure to come in the future.

Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG Trim Differences

There are no additional trim levels for the GLS63 AMG as it is itself the highest trim level in the GLS Mercedes line.

Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG options

As the GLS63 AMG is the top trim level in the GLS range, there aren’t many interchangeable or add-on options for this particular car. In this case, it will be about color combinations. Designo colors keep making it better. Carbon fiber interior inserts, including a carbon fiber steering wheel, are a must. The 22-inch multi-spoke wheels are another great option, as are red-painted calipers. One final upgrade that’s great on all Mercedes is the Bang and Olufsen sound system. It sounds great and adds a good buck to the car’s decal while giving you a major selling point over the models that don’t have it. BUT the biggest option that would make your GLS63 more desirable than any other on the market and make the hack stronger than before would be the second row captain’s chairs.

Preferably Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG Buy

From a hackability standpoint, the 17-19 models are the best choice for value. Additionally, you should try to find a car with the following options as they are considered by far to be the most desirable and will help add some value to the car’s MSRP and set it apart from lower spec models on the market.

  • Designo diamond white paint finish (or any designo paint finish)
  • Second row captain’s chairs (perhaps the best option)
  • Red brake calipers
  • night package
  • Carbon interior
  • carbon steering wheel
  • 22″ multi-spoke wheels
  • Power Easy Entry 2nd row
  • Bang and Olufsen improved sound


All in all, if you need a 7 seater Section 179 capable SUV, the Mercedes GLS63 is the answer. Not only is it a great hack, as stats remain strong with AMG status, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly, offering updated tech to all models released as recently as 2017 for those who are into that sort of thing. Who knows, I might add one to my fleet soon!

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Mercedes GLS63 AMG buyers guide

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