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A car is on fire because it crashed into a smart phone. This picture reminds us that we should not text and drive.
Over 64% of all auto accidents contain cellphone use of some type. Know-how hurts. However excellent news is… expertise may repair the very drawback it triggered.

Evolution. Not only for the residing, however even expertise have matured and grown tremendously over time. Now within the twenty first century, car security expertise is undeniably one of many sector that’s seeing large progress. The security options current in fashionable technology vehicles, whether or not it’s a sedan or SUV, helps to maintain you, and the world safer.

Listed below are the highest 15 security options present in fashionable autos.

Earlier than we begin, it may be useful to know the nuances of auto security options. Broadly talking, the car security options might be categorised into 2 classes, specifically lively security options and passive security options.

Energetic security options assist drivers to evade accidents and collision by quite a few means. Some automobile makers additionally refer to those security options as Main Security System. These security programs continually monitor the scenario and can set off instantly once they predict that an accident is about to happen.

Quite the opposite, the passive security options kick into motion after a collision or accident has taken place. These options are meant for lessening the extent of damage and hurt to the passengers within the affected automobile. It’s higher to drop half a cone of ice cream than the entire thing, proper?

Energetic Security Options

#1 Tire-Stress Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS helps to watch our tire strain. Right here’s how.

TPMS is an digital system that alerts the driving force if the air strain in any of the tires on the car is decrease than 20% of the really helpful ranges. It informs the driving force by displaying a blinking gentle within the automobile’s dashboard. In some vehicles it could be within the type of an audio visible alert. The TPMS kicks into motion effectively earlier than the tires attain a situation that may result in accelerated put on, or presumably accidents.

There are two variation of a tire-pressure monitoring system, specifically….

  • Direct TPMS.
  • Oblique TPMS

In direct TPMS, strain sensors are positioned immediately on every wheel to evaluate tire strain in actual time. In oblique TPMS, wheel pace sensors are used to continually monitor the roll of every automobile tires. If one tire roll greater than the remainder of the tires, the ECU will detect the fault and present up as a warning gentle on the dashboard.

Limitation: Not all automobile producers comply with the identical normal for deploying TPMS of their fashions.

#2 Adaptive Cruise Management (ACC)

ACC, as defined by Engineering Defined. Couldn’t have performed it higher ourselves!

An adaptive cruise management retains your autos at a secure distance from the autos in entrance. This provides you sufficient response time to reply to any emergency manoeuvre which may be required.

To activate the system, you merely have to press the “ACC” button. Then, you possibly can modify the utmost cruise pace utilizing a “+” or “-” button on the steering wheel. On prime of that, you can even select how far behind you wish to comply with the automobile in entrance.

As soon as the system is activated, sensors, cameras and radars will gauge the gap of the autos forward. Based mostly these parameters, the ACC works in alliance with one other lively security characteristic (e.g: ahead collision warning). If the visitors in entrance is gentle, the car accelerates by rising engine output. Equally, when there are autos forward, the system will apply the brakes to decelerate.

Nevertheless, take into account that ACC can solely apply as much as half the utmost potential of the brake, to protect drive consolation. Afterall, it’s a cruise management, not a self-driving automobile! Human intervention continues to be required to manage the automobile. Lastly, the efficacy of the adaptive cruise management drops in harsh climate circumstances.

#3 Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Euro NCAP demonstrates the significance of AEB. You’ve acquired to see it to consider it.

Just like ACC, Autonomous emergency braking is an important lively security expertise that slows our car down. Solely distinction is that it’s a tough brake fairly than a pace management. The aim is to decelerate the car considerably in a brief span of time to evade collisions with autos forward.

AEB was launched again in 2009 by Swedish automobile large Volvo. It takes car security to a complete new stage, particularly in pesky visitors circumstances. It makes use of the radars and cameras to detect the gap of the autos forward and apply braking to keep away from collisions.

Totally different automobile manufacturers have their iterations of AEB. Subaru, as an example, makes use of the expertise in its EyeSight automobile security suite. These programs react sooner than human drivers in many of the instances. This may be useful in avoiding collisions with vehicles forward and evading the conflict altogether.

Limitation: In pesky metropolis visitors, this security system can act in a hyperactive method and apply brakes fairly incessantly, hampering the experience expertise.

#4 Digital Stability Management (ESC)

ESC helps us “escape” from nasty drifts.

Digital stability management is a serious lively security characteristic that aids in bettering the dealing with of our automobile, extra particularly the lateral movement. In one other phrases, it minimizes the probabilities of our automobile drifting sideways uncontrollably throughout sudden evasive manoeuvres or wet days.

How Digital Stability Management works, begins with a sequence of sensors.

  • Yaw sensors. It displays the z-axis of our automobile.
  • Steering angle sensors. The sensor detect the place of our steering wheel.
  • Wheel pace sensors. To observe the tire rotational pace.

These sensors continually monitor and feed info to the on-board laptop. When the driving force is about to lose management of the car and drift, the on-board laptop is ready to establish that at a fraction of a second and instantly take remedial motion.

The ESC can apply braking on the related wheel to regain car management. For instance, in case your automobile is drifting to the appropriate, the ESC will apply brake to the left tire to tug your car again to operating straight. Alternatively, the ESC might additionally cut back the engine energy output by closing the throttle.

ESC is efficient in lowering cases of extreme car crashes and stopping rollovers, thus stopping variety of casualties attributable to such accidents. It has been estimated that the implementation of ESC alone is ready to cut back single car accidents by a whoopin’ 30%. Now, that’s what I name efficient.

Limitation: If the driving force doesn’t work together correctly, ESC can’t work as supposed. The advantages of ESC might be negated if the driving force accelerates an excessive amount of or drives in an inebriated state. It doesn’t steer the automobile and ESC makes use of no matter traction the highway floor affords. It can’t generate traction when there’s none.

#5 Traction Management

Traction management helps stop the tires from slipping. This video by Toyota sums it up rather well!

Whereas Digital Stability Management is answerable for the sideways dealing with, Traction Management is answerable for ahead and backward dealing with.

Traction Management is a security characteristic that forestalls the tires from slipping on account of traction loss to the highway floor. A wheel slip is extra widespread on slippery floor like ice. You’ll really feel that the wheels are spinning as you step on the gasoline pedal, however your automobile continues to be not shifting, as in case your automobile is suspended mid-air.

To stop that from occurring, Traction Management makes use of wheel pace sensors to watch the rotational pace of all 4 tires. If one of many wheel is slipping, the wheel will rotate considerably sooner than different wheels which are firmly gripped to the bottom. The on-board laptop detects this pace distinction at a break up second and can apply brake to the slipped wheel to scale back its pace, and due to this fact lowering the wheel slip. You may consider it as the other of anti-lock braking system.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to know that traction management solely helps to take advantage of out of the highway traction. It CANNOT enhance traction when there’s none (e.g: a wonderfully clean ice). On a really frictionless floor, car outfitted with traction management will likely be simply as helpless as autos with out traction management.

#6 Reverse Digital camera

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A well-recognized characteristic that we see in fashionable vehicles these days that makes reverse parking that a lot simpler.

This requires no additional introduction! The reversing digicam is a digicam fitted on the rear facet of a car that lets the driving force see what’s behind the car clearly on a pc display. It’s helpful for parking the car with out hitting different vehicles behind. Some could argue {that a} conventional rear mirror does precisely the identical factor, so why do we have to pay further for this?

Properly, the reverse digicam really shines after we are speaking about avoiding hitting anybody behind the automobile. This may be useful if you find yourself in a spot with children enjoying round. Think about having a child strolling by or sitting behind the automobile. As a result of they’re so quick, there isn’t any approach you possibly can see them via a standard rear mirror view and you could by chance reverse into them. With a reverse digicam, you get to see every little thing behind the automobile.

Limitation: Like different automobile cameras, reversing cameras could fare poorly in inclement climate circumstances, like heavy rain.

#7 Blind-Spot Detection / Monitoring

Particularly useful in relation to detecting smaller sized gadgets. For instance, motorcyclists.

The blind-spot detection programs are used to alert the drivers when vehicles, motorcyclist, or pedestrians get right into a sure angle that we can’t see. Within the vehicle sector, blind spots check with the areas outdoors a automobile that that driver can’t see clearly. The imaginative and prescient is often blocked by the window pillars, rear seat headrests, or simply being too near the automobile normally!

To repair that, blind-spot detection system deploys digital detection system on the perimeters of the autos which both emits electromagnetic waves or captures real-time photographs with a digicam. If the sensors detect a car or object getting within the blind spots, the driving force will get alerted by the blinking gentle on dashboard or an audio visible alert sign to inform you “Hey, there’s one thing in your blind spot. I don’t know what it’s, however concentrate!”

Each automobile maker has its distinct method on this expertise. Volvo calls its Blind Spot Data System and it was the primary firm to launch automated blind spot detection, again in 2005. Ford makes use of radar-based detectors and drivers get gentle flashing on the automobile’s outdoors rear view mirror. Nissan’s Luxurious automobile wing Infiniti affords two built-in systems- Blind-Spot Warning and a further Blind Spot Intervention system.

Limitation: The Blind-Spot detection or monitoring programs don’t work equally effectively on all forms of roads! They work finest on multi-lane roads with excessive pace limits.

#8 Lane-Departure Warning

We are inclined to get very sleepy from all of the time beyond regulation work. This works like a attraction to stop drifting off lane. 🙂

As is clear from the identify, this lively security expertise alerts the driving force as he/she is about to cross the lane marking unintentionally. The only mission in lifetime of this expertise is to wake the driving force up when he will get absent minded or feels sleepy.

How does it really works?

The expertise is aided by a digicam mounted on the windshield that all the time watches the lane markings on the highway forward. It’s a part of the driving force help system. If the automobile is about to veer out of lane, the system generates an audible alarm or audio visible warning that nudge the driving force. Some vehicles even have programs that vibrate the steering wheel to wake the driving force up.

Limitation: The Lane-departure warning works solely when the highway forward is clearly marked. It is not going to work when there’s heavy rain blurring the imaginative and prescient or highway is roofed by snow. Lack of clear highway marking will even hinder its functioning.

#9 Lane-Hold Help

Now staying in lane takes even lesser effort. What an excellent invention.

Lane-keep help is the final word wombo-combo that works in symphony with Lane-departure warning to make sure the automobile stays inside lane always. Whereas Lane Departure Warning will alert the driving force throughout unintentional lane drift, the Lane Hold Help characteristic will take the required actions to convey the automobile again into designated lane.

The fashionable technology vehicles have improved Lane-Hold Help expertise that doesn’t solely stop the automobile from drifting out of lane, nevertheless it helps to maintain the automobile aligned correctly on the heart of the lane of roads. Motorcyclist are going to understand this rather a lot! It additionally makes use of cameras fitted outdoors to watch lane markings.

Limitation: Identical as Lane-departure warning.

#10 Adaptive Headlights

Don’t you simply want that your automobile have these when driving as much as Genting Highlands.

Driving at night time might be very tough, particularly if the headlights will not be illuminate the place it is advisable to see. Right here’s what I imply. Whereas common headlights can illuminate the highway forward, they gentle up in a linear approach. When steer your automobile to the left or proper, you want extra imaginative and prescient on the path that you’re turning, however regular headlights will solely shine straight forward. Which will pass over objects, animals or smaller vehicles in conjunction with the highway.

And for that reason, adaptive headlights characteristic has been invented to enhance visibility. Adaptive headlights are made in a approach that they illuminate the highway forward based mostly the place you wish to go. It makes use of a self-leveling system that permits itself to regulate its trajectory by as much as 15 levels. So when your automobile goes downhill, the adaptive headlights will tilt upwards and illuminate the highway additional forward, as an alternative of simply shining down onto the highway near you.

Some adaptive headlights may also be pace delicate so it adjusts faster if you’re driving quick. Some vehicles are also outfitted with automated excessive beams that activate and off based mostly on ambient lighting on the highway.

Limitation: May be fairly expensive.

#11 Pedestrian Detection System

It detects pedestrian or objects forward and enable you cease your automobile to stop accidents.

Pedestrian Detection system is among the many superior lively security options that come in useful in pesky city visitors. It helps the drivers from hitting careless pedestrians and youngsters on the highway forward. The system works with a entrance mounted digicam and detects slowly shifting objects/individuals forward. If the driving force has not utilized brakes, the system intervenes and brings the car to a halt to keep away from hitting the individual/child/animal. It’s present in virtually all GM fashions and Volvo additionally makes use of it extensively. The latter has radar and digicam based mostly detection system that debuted in 2013.

Limitation: sometimes this technique works at decrease speeds and at occasions might be hyperactive.

Passive Security Options

#12 Twin-stage / Occupant-sensitive Airbags

Easy, straight to the purpose. This man doesn’t clarify issues in dual-stage! Improbable video.

SRS Airbags are the commonest and important security characteristic in any automobile these days however not all vehicles are outfitted with the identical quantity and forms of airbags. The airbags inflate when a collision is detected and it prevents the drivers and different occupants from getting injured. Airbags are positioned on the entrance and sides and a few vehicles even have knee airbags for added safety.

Nevertheless, fashionable technology vehicles are sometimes outfitted with dual-stage or adaptive airbags. No, it doesn’t have two airbags. And no, it doesn’t deploy one airbag upon collision after which deploy one other one to hit you proper within the face. I do know I do know… The identify might be very deceiving however let me clarify.

A dual-stage airbag has two inflators. One inflates as much as 70% of the traditional airbag energy whereas the opposite makes up the remaining 30%. The aim of that is to solely inflate the airbag with applicable energy in order that the airbag doesn’t come into contact with the passenger too violently.

The expertise has develop into superior sufficient to provoke airbags after gauging issue like car pace, place of occupants and severity of the collision. Within the occasion of a collision with smaller influence, the airbag will inflate to 70% capability and in a extreme crash, it will likely be absolutely inflated.

Limitation: In some uncommon instances, air luggage didn’t inflate because the steering was twisted badly. The airbags could not provide sufficient safety in every kind of crashes.

#13 ISOFIX Youngster Seats

ISOFIX youngster seats is one thing that oldsters ought to contemplate investing in. It retains your youngsters secure.

These automobile homeowners with children normally go for ISOFIX youngster seat fixtures. It’s a passive security characteristic that preserve the kids in an optimum seating place that helps to scale back the probabilities of a kid within the automobile getting harm.

Take into consideration this, all vehicles are designed for adults. When the automobile producers tweak the place of the seatbelt, the peak of the chair, they’re becoming it for the adults. The seatbelts will relaxation on the chest of an grownup, however that additionally means it could usually wrap across the neck of a youngsters. It doesn’t preserve the kids in place and it might probably choke the kids within the case of an accident. So as to add to that, our automobile airbags deploy at an explosive (actually) power that’s able to inflicting a deadly damage to a fully-grown grownup, not to mention a toddler. So if the kids shouldn’t be seated within the optimum distance away from the airbag, it may be lethal.

That’s the place the ISOFIX seat mounts come into the image. It’s a world normal for youngster seat becoming system. Made by Volkswagen in alliance with Britax-Roemer in 1997, ISOFIX has 3 factors that safe a toddler effectively within the occasion of a crash. The seat even have facet protections, whereas being extra comfy for the kids!

Limitation: It could cut back the prospect of a child getting harm however doesn’t provide whole safety from accidents.

#14 Passenger Security Cell

These days, most carmakers deploy particular design and constructions across the passenger seating space to soak up influence of collision. Additionally they embrace crumple zones within the design that make sure the cage construction shouldn’t be morphed sufficient to trigger damage to the passengers inside. Varied carmakers use completely different names right here. Sometimes metal alloy and aluminum are used to kind the protection cell. Hyundai calls it ‘Hive’ whereas Mazda has a time period ‘Skyactiv’.

Limitation: Might not provide anticipated protections from all forms of collisions.

#15 Automated Crash Response


Pace is vital in relation to an emergency. Automated crash response takes care of that.

After a automobile accident has taken place, the occupants within the affected automobile will not be able to speak to household and others instantly in regards to the scenario. That is the place the Automated Crash Response setup kicks in. Lots of the GM vehicles are outfitted with this characteristic and similar might be mentioned in regards to the Ford fashions. The drivers can use voice instructions publish crash to contact emergency providers via this technique. It is part of the infotainment system of the automobile, normally. It additionally sends the GPS location of the car in order that assist can attain it quickly. A few of these programs additionally open automobile doorways and sounds the horn.

The Backside Line

Whereas the lively and passive automobile security options assist keep away from accidents to a big extent, they can’t act as an alternative to secure driving! No security characteristic can undermine the significance of driving in an alert and secure approach.

Anyway, if we’ve missed any security characteristic, tell us within the remark part beneath and we’ll embrace it into the article. Till then, drive secure and drive sensible!


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