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A car is sitting on top of an alignment machine, undergoing camber, caster and toe alignment.
Automobile alignment performs an enormous half in efficiency, and security.

Automobile alignment, a particularly scorching matter amongst automobile racers due to how a lot it may impacts automobile efficiency, dealing with and luxury.

Whereas we aren’t seeking to race professionally on the freeway of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, it’s necessary to know that we nonetheless have to take care of a suitable margin of automobile alignment in order that our automobile is definitely secure to drive.

This text will stroll you thru all the pieces it’s essential find out about automobile alignment. Doesn’t matter in case you are a automobile fanatic or a sensible automobile consumer, I’m certain one can find this text informative and useful. Listed below are a number of the subjects that we are going to undergo.

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What’s a Automobile Alignment?

Automobile alignment… Tire alignment… Wheel alignment… Doesn’t matter what you name it, it’s all the identical.

Merely put, automobile alignment is the adjustment of a car suspension in order that our automobile wheels are in the very best contact with the street in any respect time.

Similar to how once we stroll, we would like out ft to be in probably the most pure angle, and in the very best contact with the ground in order that we don’t slip, fall and break our again. It’s the identical factor for vehicles! In a nutshell, we would like the tires to be perpendicular to the bottom whereas being parallel to one another. This helps to increase tire life whereas permitting the automobile to drive straight and true.

How do the mechanics “do” alignment?

We are going to have a look at three issues:

These three phrases are the last word trinity once we discuss automobile alignment. They’re liable for completely different angles of the wheels.

Earlier than we begin, I’d wish to level out all automobile fashions are designed with a particular angles that will place your tires accurately. This text will give you solely a normal thought of automobile alignment however it’s best to all the time comply with the advisable automobile alignment as supplied by the automobile producer themselves. Bear in mind, all the time seek the advice of with the skilled earlier than trying something your self.

With that out of the best way, let’s get proper into it.


This is a close-up shot of your car tyre when you are standing at the rear of the car. You can see that the tyre is tilted inwards, which forms the camber angle.
If you happen to look carefully, you’ll discover that the highest of the tyre tilts inward to the physique of the automobile. It is a detrimental camber.

Camber is the angle that the automobile’s wheel makes relative to the street, assuming that it’s completely flat.

Okay, let’s not communicate alien. Right here’s a much less geeky and extra sensible approach of imagining camber:

First, stand in entrance of your car along with your physique dealing with the automobile. Staring on the tyre, think about a vertical line that cuts from the highest of the tyre to the underside. Camber is how a lot the tyre tilts away from this line.

Judging from how a lot it tilts, we name it both a detrimental, zero, or constructive camber. If the highest of the tyre tilts in direction of the centre of the automobile, it’s often called a detrimental camber. Quite the opposite, if the highest of the tyre tilts away from the centre of the automobile, it’s often called a constructive camber. That goes with out saying that if the tyre doesn’t tilt in any respect, it’s a zero camber.

All forms of camber have their very own benefits and drawbacks. A detrimental camber is nice for cornering stability; A zero camber provides better acceleration on straight street; whereas a constructive camber is beneficial for car that takes on heavy load.

Now, we received’t bore you with the nitty-gritty particulars of all various kinds of cambers. However usually talking, we would like a slight detrimental camber.

Why is that?

Think about taking a pointy flip to the left, the load of our automobile is of course being thrown to the fitting. We name this a physique roll. As our automobile experiences physique roll, the tyre lifts upward (barely) and the contact space between the tyre and the street decreases, making the automobile much less steady. A detrimental camber pre-tilt the tyres inwards, so even throughout a physique roll, the tyre will solely return again to zero camber. This retains the contact space of the tyre completely flat on the street, which suggests extra grip and subsequently increased cornering velocity.

Holy Macarons! That is the legendary “demon camber”. This kind of camber is extra for stylistic functions however shouldn’t be sensible.

That being mentioned, don’t go loopy with detrimental camber like the image on prime. Stability is all the time key. An excessive amount of detrimental camber will trigger the automobile to excessively comply with cracks and imperfections of the street. On prime of that, your tire will expertise accelerated tyre put on as a result of a detrimental camber places extra load on the internal a part of the tire.

If too little is unhealthy and an excessive amount of is worse, how a lot detrimental camber do we would like?

To learn how a lot detrimental camber you want, you will have a specialised thermometer known as a pyrometer. It can measures and inform you the temperature of the tyre. By trying on the variations of the temperature throughout the tyre, it is possible for you to to inform if one facet of a tyre is getting used greater than the opposite facet. This manner, you may infer whether or not you will have an excessive amount of or too little camber. Having mentioned that, it’s necessary to level out that this a pyrometer alone shouldn’t be sufficient and it’ll all the time come all the way down to driver really feel.


Caster is a bit more durable to visualise, however this video by EngineeringExplained ought to assist!

Caster is the angle created by the steering pivot level and the vertical axis. Sure, it’s a bit extra sophisticated to think about. However let’s strive anyway.

Think about standing along side your automobile subsequent to the tire. Look straight on the tire and draw a straight line that cuts throughout from the highest of the tire to the underside. That is your vertical axis. Then, think about one other straight line that cuts throughout from the higher ball joint and the decrease ball joint of the steering knuckle. That is your steering axis. Caster angle is the angle created by the steering axis and this vertical axis.

Relying on the place the caster angle is tilted, we classify them as detrimental, zero, or constructive caster. A detrimental caster have the steering axis counterclockwise to the vertical axis; A zero caster have the steering axis and vertical axis aligned collectively; Constructive caster have the steering axis to the fitting (clockwise) of the vertical axis.

Right here’s why now we have so many alternative of casters…

Constructive caster helps in straightening the steering wheel, which in flip vastly improves straight line stability of the automobile. It achieves this by angling and putting a portion of the car weight behind the tire, which creates an aligning torque that straightens the steering wheel. That is partly why our steering wheel will return to centre after a flip. However, nothing’s good. As a downside, it’s this exact same aligning torque that makes the steering wheel heavier.

Alternatively, detrimental caster does precisely the other. It will increase the tendency on your automobile to wander left and proper, however reduces the hassle required to show your steering wheel. A detrimental caster is extra frequent in older vehicles due to the know-how out there again then, akin to tyres and energy steering (or lack thereof).

Usually talking, you need as a lot constructive caster as you may moderately get, with out making the steering wheel too heavy to show. It’s often round 3 to five levels of casters to provide a great mixture of freeway stability and steering really feel.


Toe alignment is analogous to trying down at your individual toes.

To visualise toe, think about that you’re a fowl and hovering on prime of your automobile. When staring down at your automobile from the highest view, image a line that cuts throughout the highest of your tyre. Toe is how a lot the tyre tilts away from this line. It’s analogous to trying down at your individual toes.

Based mostly on the way it tilts, we will name it both a toe-in, toe-out, or zero toe. You have got a toe-in if the entrance of your tires tilt in direction of one another, forming a “A” form; You have got a toe-out if the entrance of your tires tilt away from one another, forming a “V” form; You have got a zero toe in case your tires are completely straight alongside the axis, forming a “H” form. Take into account that the entrance tires and the rear tires can have their very own toe alignment.

Toe alignment is liable for three major areas, particularly (i) straight line stability, (ii) tire put on, and (iii) nook entry dealing with. Toe-in improves straight line stability as a result of when the automobile is transferring, the tyres are pushed inward of the automobile, which creates a stronger centreline power that improves straight line stability. Quite the opposite, a toe-out configuration makes the tires need to separate from one another. The automobile shall be extra reactive to a flip, which is an attribute {that a} racing fanatic would like to have.

Whether or not you need a toe-in or toe-out actually is dependent upon (i) whether or not it’s a entrance wheel drive (FWD) or a rear wheel drive(RWD) and (ii) the aim of the automobile.

Usually talking, a FWD configuration have a better tendency to understeer when you think about the car’s dynamic. Therefore, we use a slight toe-out to induce extra oversteer to counteract it. RWD is simply the other and could be caught sporting a slight toe-in.

You can even high-quality tune the toe alignment based mostly on the aim of the automobile. If you happen to’re utilizing the automobile for city-drive, we choose a slight toe-in in order that we get extra straight line stability though it decreases cornering. For city-drive, that’s utterly high-quality as a result of roads are straighter and we received’t ever have to show a nook at excessive velocity.

However, how a lot toe is an excessive amount of?

Majority of the time, we are going to solely see a plus minus 2 levels of toe alignment. Something above that may considerably will increase scrub and as a consequent accelerating tire put on whereas lowering straight line velocity. You possibly can think about strolling in a straight line along with your toe-in or out! That being mentioned, all the time consult with the producer’s advice earlier than trying something.

How typically do you want a automobile alignment?

The quick reply is 2 ~ 3 years. However to be precise, it relies upon. I do know, I do know… All of us need a magic quantity that we will comply with, however sadly there are not any particular interval for a automobile alignment.

It is dependent upon the street situations that you simply usually drive in, your automobile mannequin and the way aggressive do you drive. If you happen to hit a big potholes, or was concerned in a automobile accident, likelihood is that it’s best to get your alignment checked.

It additionally is dependent upon your different automobile elements. Over time, the wheel angle adjustments because of rubber bushings deforming, springs beginning to sag, and so forth and so forth. You must take into account getting a automobile alignment for those who discover any of the next signs.

  1. Uneven tire put on.
  2. Automobile pulling to 1 facet.
  3. Steering wheel is off centre when your automobile is transferring straight.
  4. Accelerated tyre put on.
  5. Your automobile feels unstable and wanders backward and forward.

These are the few fast tell-tale indicators that your automobile wants alignment. Apart from that, you also needs to get the alignment completed when you find yourself putting in or fixing elements that may straight have an effect on the automobile alignment. For instance, a brand new wheel or a steering rack.

The Backside Line

Automobile alignment is one thing that we will barely discover visually. It’s only a few millimeters right here, just a few levels there. Nothing main.


They will have such an amazing affect in your automobile’s efficiency, driving consolation, and security. It’s completely bonkers.

We hope that this text is ready to give you insights and the motivation to take even higher care of your automobile, even the smallest particulars. If we missed something, or if in case you have any matter that you want to us to cowl, be happy to go away a remark down under!

Till then, drive secure and drive good!


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