Ford builds powerful F-150 Lightning concept

Ford isn’t done building insane EV concepts to flex its electric muscles yet. On Friday, as Ford announced its return to F1 racing with Red Bull Racing in 2026, Ford released a chart showing how it believes racing leads to successful products. One of the images was the outline of a yet to be unveiled … Read more

Stellantis builds electric VTOL aircraft for Archer

Stellantis will build an electric aircraft for California-based Archer Aviation and increase its investment in the company. The deal, announced this week at CES in Las Vegas, sees Stellantis overseeing a proposed Archer factory in Covington, Georgia, which is expected to begin building aircraft in 2024. The automaker will make its manufacturing expertise available with … Read more

German company builds stunning Audi Sport Quattro replicas

The short-wheelbase Sport Quattro from Audi from the 1980s has become legendary. Based on the earlier Quattro coupe, the Sport Quattro was developed as a homologation special for Group B rallies and was produced in limited production as a result. Only 214 were made over a two-year period, and many of these never made it … Read more